The Bedtime Battles

Because school starts in a week and a half, we have been trying really hard to get Aiden to bed early so he won’t have a problem getting up early on school days.  It’s full day kindergarten, and I don’t want him tired and missing out because he’s cranky.  However, early bedtimes have been an uphill battle.

We made a Bedtime Checklist for each of the boys, and included the time they are supposed to be in bed.  Dallin’s bedtime is 7:30 and Aiden’s is 8:00 (we can’t put them to bed together because they’ll stay up all night, playing.  So we need Dallin to go to sleep first).  I would rather that Aiden goes to bed earlier, but this is an improvement.  Anyway…

Last night the kids each stayed up a half hour past their bedtime, but other than that, things were going well.  At 8:30 Aiden went to bed without protest.  I was pleased.  Until I walked by their closed bedroom door about 45 minutes later.  I could see the light was on. 

I opened the door to find both boys sitting on the floor, the train track out and put together so nicely, Mr. Potato Head sitting next to his very organized body parts and accessories, and cars lined up all around.  The boys looked up at me as I hissed, “Get in bed now!”

They smiled and Aiden said so sweetly, “But Mom, we just wanted to play.”

They were playing so nicely.  And they were looking so sweet.  How do you argue with that????

Another half hour later, with the lightbulb taken out of the overhead light, the toys picked up, the nighttime CD started over, a new diaper on Dallin, and the boys tucked into bed, and they finally went to sleep.  I don’t know who won this battle (I think it was me, in the end, since they went to sleep), but I know I’m going to win this war!!:)


5 responses to “The Bedtime Battles

  1. I don’t envy you these battles. I know my time will be here soon enough.

    Jago has problems going to bed at his bed time–and he doesn’t even have Gareth to play with yet! Of course, since Jago takes so long to go to sleep, Gareth is always up with me longer than I’d like…

    The parents do, eventually, win the war, right?

  2. lol! Sounds like our house – but we have all three girls in the same room. We unscrewed the light bulb, hid all their toys, locked their door, tried a million things, and still have problems with bedtime. Finally we put them on three strikes your out, and the trouble maker lands herself in the bathtub until everyone is asleep and then we move her back into bed. Best of luck – if you find any great solutions to this age-old dilemma, please let me know! 🙂

  3. I have heard that putting them down like 10 or 15 minutes earlier every night or two until they are going to sleep at the time you want can work. good luck!! 🙂

  4. Jenacy has decided that she doesn’t have to go to bed at bedtime so she stays up and plays until she falls asleep on the floor. (and that’s okay with me!)
    On the other hand, Jaedin falls asleep about 8 seconds after his head hits the pillow. Really! Half the time it looks like he barely made it over the side of the bed before passing out! I very rarely have any problems with them keeping each other up!

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