How many of you are on Facebook? I hear all the time about how great it is, but like MySpace, I just don’t see what the big deal is, honestly. I mean, it’s cool that I can keep up with some of my friends or family members, but there are SO many things out there for that. Heck, I’m signed up for stuff through Facebook, MySpace, Xanga, Beebo, Blogger, and WordPress. I would think that my blog is good enough, but I guess not. And being the sorry sheep that I am, any time someone invites me to be a member of something, I think “Why not?”

One cool thing about Facebook is that there is a WordPress application, so I am actually writing this post from my Facebook account, just to see how it goes.

I still feel like a sad little sheep. What things do you do that you follow others (sometimes blindly) in?


11 responses to “Facebook

  1. I have yet to join facebook. I think its a bit of a control freek thing that is preventing me from joining. I have heard stories of stalkers and unknown children seeking to find there parents. I just think I have more control with my blog but that could just be a false sense of security.

  2. I’m never a sheep! 😉 Ya right…I’m on wordpress aren’t I?! And I love it! Thanks for showing me the way! If I had time, I would probably follow you wherever you went, but somehow I just can’t seem to manage my time well enough to do what I’m doing very well! Have fun with all your adventures!

  3. I haven’t bothered with facebook because I just don’t have anyone online that I would like to contact that I don’t already have dealings with through email and blog…

    I am a horrible sheep when it comes to books though. Tell me you liked it and I will read 😉

  4. I joined Facebook when my SIL invited me. I was annoyed (at her) at first because it seemed like such a big fat waste of time. Besides, she never emails me anyways. I give myself one hour a day online (most of it after the kiddos are in bed) and I prefer to check email and browse a few blogs in that time. BUT since I joined Facebook I found not one but TWO friends that I had lost touch with and have been looking for since. Perhaps I am just one of those people that get something out of Facebook. …oh I forgot the point of my comment LOL…my point of commenting was to say that no one should have to feel bad about being “a sad little sheep” since only one person can ever be the ONE who starts something, the rest of the population just follow. *wink* I hate myspace though…


  5. I have a very scathing blog written in my mind that I’m afraid to post on just this topic. (sigh) I’m just not sure if I really want to let people know how I feel about it. I’ll leave you with this, instead:

    I have a myspace account because I have two friends who blog there and I needed an account to comment.

    I have a facebook account because the friend that invited me is one I want to keep in touch with, and I appreciated that she was reaching out.

    I won’t give you either screen name because there is no point. I’m even embarassed to admit I have the accounts. (see what I do for you? I am a sheep in many different ways, as evidenced by this comment.)

  6. I’ve got a myspace account cuz a friend invited me there a while back. I don’t remember my screen name or password…maybe I saved them somewhere.
    I had a reunion.com account because a friend invited me but after 2 days of spammy “someone is looking for you but you have to buy a membership to find out who!” from their website I deleted the account (uhh, hello, I put a false name on the account so who in the world would be looking for Timberham Lincoln?).
    I have a classmates.com account under my real name. No one has come looking for me yet.
    I have 2 flickr accounts so that I can see y’alls photos…but again, I lost the screen names and passwords. I think I’m signed in automatically, but if I get kicked out I’ll have a few more accounts!
    I like my blog. That’s about the only thing I’ve joined that I’ll remember my screen name for 🙂

  7. Hey! I signed up for Myspace only because one of my friends asked me to many times, and I actually enjoy it now that I am on there, mainly because so many people do have an account, and I do enjoy hearing from them =) I avoided it for about a year I guess. I try not to sign up for too many blogs/sites b/c I can never keep track of them all…but I have added yours as a favorite, and of course, you’re on my Myspace also =) I do have a Flickr account, but it’s too full of pics, and I really don’t want to pay to upgrade. I do love browsing through their pics though. I do not have any blogs and most likely will not b/c I will never leave my computer. I have not signed up for Facebook and will not b/c of the above…too many already.

  8. never even heard of facebook. who’s the loser? ME!!! and proud of it. 😛 I’m happy with the things I’m involved in right now. I just wish more friends would “follow” me into them.

  9. Facebook is the awesomest thing EVER! But it was so much cooler when it was just college students. I remember getting my acceptance letter from BU and the folder that said I would have to set up a BU email account before orientation. It was such a huge deal, because you had to have a .edu email to join facebook! It was like an exclusive club for college students.

    Then they let high school students in. Meh. I was annoyed, but could deal.

    And then, suddenly, it was open to everybody! GASP! NOOOOOoooooo…

    I do not support the open facebook. I wish it would go back to only college students. I mean, what’s the problem with myspace? Privacy issues. Ya didn’t have those with facebook.

    ‘Course, there is the option to only let other students see you even exist.

    Anyway, it’s so cool to find old friends on there. I am facebook friends with a ton of kids from middle school I hadn’t heard from in a long time. Plus, if you meet a guy, you can always say, “I’ll facebook you” and check if he’s gay or straight or single or taken. Quite handy. The picture feature is great, because there’s no limit to how many pictures you can put up (and it’s just way cooler than flickr) and there’s a bunch of other applications now that were all added during the summer. I’m not a big fan of the cluttered facebook, however, I did like that I could add the movie review application, especially because I see so many movies. And it compares what movies I like with my friends. Very spiffy.

    But in my mind…if you are out of grad school, you’re too old for facebook. Myspace is for the creepy old people.

  10. I was invited to join Myspace or facebook–I forget, and due to my youngest daughter’s attitude [valid, I thought] I declined, but emailed the friend to join this blog group. She, unfortunately has not chosen to so do. I say unfortunately, because she is like another daughter to me, and it would make things much easier for me. But if you can type on one, and publish on two, well wouldn’t that help out everyone? I’m sending her an e-mail to look at this!

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