Parker said his first word today.  As Ches was leaving to take the car in for an oil change, Parker raised his hand in the air and said “Bah“.  I’m sure you can all translate as I did.  Bah means bye.  Apparantly, Parker had said the same thing to me a little earlier as I walked into the family room from the laundry room.  So bah must mean hello, too.  Bah is what you say when you wave at someone.  Anyrate… Parker is just too dang cute and we are extremely proud of him!

I hear that most kids start off with words like “dada” or “mama”.  Not my kids.  Aiden’s first word was light (pronounced i-eet), and Dallin’s first word was uh-oh.  My kids are so funny.


9 responses to “Bah!

  1. Dakota’s first actuall properly said words were cup and Opa and his first colour was purple. There must be something with the letter P. I can’t remember what his earlier attempts at communication were, so much time has passed since then.

  2. It’s like Aloha–bah means hello and goodbye! So I think you can totally count this as Parker being able to speak two languages! What a smart boy!

    Both my kids said Mama first. The D sound was harder for both of them. But once they learned how to say Dada they immediately stopped saying Mama and just called us both Dada! At least I was the special one for a month or two out of their lives 🙂

  3. That’s so cute! Thing One’s first was “blue car”, and Thing Two’s was “diggie”. I am hoping for plain old mom this time around.


  4. Mine were all “Dada” Of course, my hear inpaired could not hear the soft m sound until ear surgeries & tubes. Oh, and Vin barked like a dog.

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