On Being a Beggar

School starts in just three weeks.  It seems crazy, especially since I know that Aiden’s cousins just got out of school not even a month ago or something, but down here in Arizona, school starts early.  As a consolation we get a week off in October for “fall break”.  The joke is that it was the English teachers that voted that through, as there are still football games, marching band competitions, and orchestra festivals that week.  Yeah.  Where’s our Fall Break??  Sheesh.

Most of the districts here do not have 12 month contracts for the teachers.  They only get paid over 9 months.  Ches is moving to a new district, so of course his first paycheck will be later than returning teachers in his district.  We are lucky if we’re going to make it through the end of this month, much less to Ches’ first paycheck in mid-August.

The elementary school Aiden will be attending has a very strict dress code.  In fact, the kids are actually required to wear uniforms.  No, not the plaid jumpers you see on the Catholic School kids.  But it is pretty rigid.  I like the idea of school uniforms for a number of reasons.  One being that with uniforms, you really don’t have to worry about who is wearing “cool” clothes and who is wearing “dorky” clothes.  Another being that it will be really easy to get him dressed in the morning:  “Aiden, do you want to wear the red shirt or the white shirt?  Do you want to wear the blue shorts or the black shorts?”  No problem, mon!

I had to send out an email to our family members, begging for hand-me-down clothes for Aiden.  It’s actually quite humiliating to have to ask for hand-outs, even if you are only asking your family.  It really sucks because it’s not like these clothes are going to cost a lot of money.  It’s just that we are so strapped for money.  We were lucky that Ches was given movie passes as a teacher appreciation gift, or else we wouldn’t have been able to see Harry Potter, just as we haven’t been able to see any of the other “must sees” on our list for this summer.  We are lucky that a friend is taking summer classes and asked me to babysit her two young ones as that pays for our groceries and little treats for the boys every week.  But school starts so stinkin’ early and we just aren’t ready.

So I had to beg.  It’s hard to beg.  We’re very proud and try to do things on our own.  We have not been very successful at standing on our own two feet.  We’ve made to many stupid decisions and moved too many times.  That’s why we’re staying in this house for another year.  We just can’t afford to move one more time.  This is better for us, and it’s better for our friends that we’re renting from.

We are blessed to have the families that we do.  I sent the email and not even 2 hours later I got a call from a family member saying, “We want to help!”  They bought Aiden a bunch of clothes brand new.  That night another family member called to say she was going back to Superstore where she had found the right shirts for a really good price, so she’d pick up a couple for Aiden.  Another family member has sent us a check and said she hopes it arrives by tomorrow.  More family members have called to say they are on the lookout.  I may have to send out another email to say thank you, we’re set now!  Everyone has been more than generous, and we really don’t need anymore, so let’s find another family member that needs this generosity.

I hate having to beg, but if I have to do it, I’m so thankful for mine and Ches’s families.  We are truely blessed to have so many people that care for us and help us out at the drop of a hat.


3 responses to “On Being a Beggar

  1. What a blessing, that everyone has come through, giving you more than you need. I’ve been mentally working on a blog about people helping out, but it wasn’t coming together — this post is better. Let me know if there’s anything we can do out here. (Do your boys need knitted hats? 😉 )

  2. OH Sariah! I totally know how you feel. There was a christmas a few years back where we absolutely couldn’t afford to go home. I called my mom to tell her the news and within a few days, we had three checks from siblings that allowed us to go home after all. Families can be so helpful!

    I like Heather wonder if there is anything we can do for you from here. Let us all know, as I hope you realize, we are just an extended family here 🙂

  3. I just learned about your needs from your aunt last night [I haven’t been online for over a week] I’m so glad everyone stepped up even tho in this instance I didn’t–but you know I would have, but I was busy with attending a funeral with Erica, hundreds of miles away from home, then going to youth conf. with Richard–I know, it’s been kinda hard to catch me lately–but I do have my phone! So glad your needs for Aiden have been met.

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