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It’s time to answer questions that Karen had on her post. To leave the answers in her comment box would have been just too lengthy (we all know how much I love to talk!) and i have some other stuff to add, anyway. And now, without further ado…

1. How did you get into Harry Potter? I actually fought against reading HP for quite a while. It was a kid’s book. Why would I want to read children’s literature when I had my own stuff to read? I had heard from my then-elementary school aged siblings that they loved the first book, but I just wasn’t interested. I think when I started to hear more and more people my own age tell me how great the books are, I felt a little spark of “well, maybe I’m missing something.” Tim (Alyson’s Mr. Wonderful) really made a case on how great it is, and I really respect Tim’s opinion on literature and music, so I thought maybe I’d check the book out from the library and try it out. One day I was at a friend’s house, and we got on the subject of Harry Potter. She couldn’t believe I hadn’t read the books, so she loaned me their paperback copy (with me taking some kind of a blood oath to return the book unharmed!). I think it only took me a day to read. I was hooked on what really feels like a magical story. I knew I had to read more.

2. How important is Harry Potter to literary and pop culture? I think it’s extremely important. These books have defined a generation of young readers, making reading cool again. Harry Potter has helped children become interested in other books and genres. We all know all those facts. As far as pop culture, Harry Potter has become a huge part of pop culture. With references in other TV shows, movies and books (I seem to recall Willow saying to Giles that he had “gone all Dumbledore” in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), we know this is something that has struck a chord with more than just children.

3. Describe your favorite moment thus far My favorite moment would have to be the Weasley twins brilliant exit from Hogwarts. The idea of that giant swamp, the broom-shaped holes in Umbridge’s office door, the instructions to Peeves to “give her hell”, and the utter pandemonium around the castle just makes me smile… a lot. I love those twins. Oh, and I love any moment where Professor McGonagall shows her utter human compassion. She loves her job, she loves those students, and she is completely loyal to Dumbledore and Hogwarts. She’s awesome.

4. What character do you most relate to, and why? This is a toughy. I feel like I can relate to almost every character in some way, and there really isn’t one total “Sariah” character. I guess I would have to go with Ron. Ron is the best friend… the guy in second place all the time. No one really notices him because he is always in Harry’s shadow. Ron has some amazing talents, but he tends to mess up quite a bit under the pressure of being someone else’s younger brother or best friend. He also tends to say stupid things at the most inappropriate times, easily offending others, but not realizing that he has done so. I think my own foot is permanantly in my mouth! Ron just wants to be his own being, but he has a hard time figuring out how to do that. I love Ron.

5. How do you think the series should end? Well, I absolutely think Voldemort should be destroyed completely. We need good to triumph over evil. I would love to see Snape come out good in the end, as well as Draco Malfoy (although I hope Lucius either dies in Azkaban or Voldemort kills him in anger). I have almost convinced myself that Harry will also die, but I think that’s more so if it does happen, I won’t be too heartbroken. Oh, who are we kidding?? I’ll cry even harder over his death than I did over Dumbledore’s! I don’t really want Harry to die. I want him and Ginny to live happily ever after… well, once they both finish school and he becomes an auror, of course! I want Ron and Hermione to finally straighten out their feelings for each other and live happily ever after. I want Hogwarts to remain open, with McGonnagall as Headmistress. And I want someone to hold Umbridge accountable for all the crap she pulled while at Hogwarts! Yes, I want more books, either about Harry or about future generations of Hogwarts students (maybe a series about some American wizarding school could be fun!), but I seriously doubt I would love any of it as I have these books. Another reason to have Harry die: no one can write anymore about Harry. Ever. (Seriously, we don’t need someon 75 years later trying to pick up where JKR has left off. Anyone read the “sequal” to Gone With the Wind, Scarlett? I have, and it was horrible!) I am very curious if the last word really is “scar”. We shall have to wait and see.

We have ordered our copy of the Canadian edition of Deathly Hallows. It will be shipped on Monday. NO ONE IS TO SPOIL THE BOOK FOR ME. Not that I think any of you would. I am apalled at all the spoilers that have gone up on the web. Yes, a part of me is dying to look at those and try and figure out which ones are real, but where would the joy of reading this book for the first time come if I have read the spoilers? So I’m asking you as JKR, The Leaky Cauldron, and Mugglenet have asked: do not seek out spoilers. Do not share any spoilers. Let everyone enjoy reading this book!! It’s our last chance to read this magical world without knowing what exactly is going to happen, so let’s live it up!

I don’t know yet if I am going to any release parties. I want to, but I doubt the kids will enjoy anything. They’re just a little young. I asked an old friend of mine if she wants to dress up and have a “Girl’s Night Out” Friday night, but she is out of town until next week. Bugger that! If any of you go, I expect a full report, as well as pictures. I will not expect to see any new posts this weekend as I know you will be reading. I will just be jealous until my book comes.

Oh, and if you just can’t wait until the book comes out, I suggest reading What Will Happen In Book 7. It’s a book full of predictions by the Mugglenet staff. I almost bought that book today, but I didn’t have enough cash. I think it’d be fun to read (it looks super good!) and then see how close or how off they were. Happy reading!!


4 responses to “More On Harry Potter

  1. You ordered the Canadian edition? What a clever girl you are! I have to wait as long as you for the American edition because I’m cheap, so I’ll be posting to keep myself from climbing the walls.
    (no, that’s not true, I will, hopefully, be cleaning. HA!)

    Thanks for sharing, this was fun!

  2. Yes, I think I read that sequel to the Margaret Mitchell classic. (At least I won’t have to worry about reading someone else’s version of Harry in 75 years, even if there is one.) This is why I will not read all the so-called “fan fiction” that’s out there in the Potterverse.

    Anyway, I promised to have a post every day in July, and so I shall. But maybe I’d better write a couple ahead of time for this weekend. I hope to attend a release event, but I’m debating whether or not to stick around until midnight and pay full retail price for a copy of the book, when I know we are getting two copies (from different sources) delivered before noon on Saturday. But you know, the one year we had to wait until noon…it was excruciating. The courier finally delivered the book with only 10 minutes to spare.

    I can’t believe this is the last book…

  3. Just as you didn’t want to hijack another blog, I don’t want to either. So, though it probably won’t be for another day yet as I just posted today, I’ll be writing my own Harry Potter post.

    (BTW, I’m not copying you. I was going to anyway, you just beat me to it.)

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