Just a Little Friendly Advice

If you are a brand new teacher, fresh out of college, taking a job at a high school where your marching band staff has already been hired, the show already been picked out, all of you drum majors, section leaders, captains, etc. are already selected, I really don’t advise trying to change anything too major.

 If you are going to make some changes anyway, say, to your staff, I advise you let your staff know what you are thinking right away.  And don’t tell any of the kids about it until you have made the final decision.

If you are a new director, fresh out of college, and this is your first big gig, you are probably quite enthusiastic, very young, and you most likely still have a LOT to learn.  Try to make as few mistakes as possible during those first few meetings with the staff and the kids.  This will make or break your entire season, if not your year.

If you are going to be friendly with the students, that’s great.  Just remember that you are the adult and have to set some boundries, one of which would be telling the kids about what you might or might not do with the current staff.

Just thought I’d throw that out there as some friendly advice from someone who has worked under new directors many times in the past.


3 responses to “Just a Little Friendly Advice

  1. Does this mean what I think it means? Sending hugs either way.

    There’s a lot in this post that could be generalized to any new teacher. There’s a lot of value in your advice.

    I won’t find out until next week whether or not he is keeping me on as the guard coach. Thanks for the hugs! I’m loving all the hugs I get from everyone! 🙂

  2. Be sure to let us all know one way or the other as soon as you can. We love you, and are praying for you.

    Oh, I will. Don’t worry. Love you!!

  3. Hugs from me, too. He would be a fool not to keep you on. I don’t say that as your mother, but from the viewpoint of a performance teeacher. You are a proven commodity. He isn’t. ‘Nuff said. : )

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