Sing, Sing, Sing!

One of the biggest things that annoyed me about my mom when I was growing up was that it seemed like she would sing at the drop of a hat.  Singing in the car is one thing.  Singing when we are fighting and she’s trying to get us to stop is another.  There is a reason that I hate the song “Love at Home”.  When you are in the midst of an argument with your brother, you don’t want to hear you mom burst out loudly with “There is beauty all around/ When there’s love at home./ There is joy in every sound/ when there’s love at home”.  Or how about “Let us oft speak kind words to each other…”?  Man, I hated that.

Like I said, though, we would sing in the car.  I know more silly songs that are basically camping songs, but we sang them on long car rides.  I still love “Down By the Bay” and am trying to teach it to my kids.  My mom always sang to us.  We each had our own, special lullaby (mine was “They Call the Wind Mariah” from Paint Your Wagon, but she changed the words to fit me:  “We call our girl, Sariah”.  Isn’t that awesome??).  If Mom didn’t know a song that she could at least change the words to, she would make up a song.  Hence Erica’s kind of odd lullaby.  Hey Erica, remember how Vinnie, Lura, and I would try to sing it to you in different stules?  Our rap was awesome, I have to say! 🙂

My third year at Ricks, I was living with a bunch of musicians.  There was me, the music major flute player; Mere the music major harp player (until she moved out after the first semester to go on her mission.  Then Lura moved in.); Ashleigh the piano player; Shelly the vocalist; and Erica (not my sister Erica) the music major vocalist (soprano…  With the attitude to go with it.  heh.  Loved that girl!!).  There there was Jolene.  The English major.  Who didn’t play an instrument.  Who didn’t sing.  She was a champion barrel racer who was taking French and taught us some phrase about a monkey and how to say “just add water” to our packets of hot cider.

Until Lura moved in, Jolene was totally outnumbered.  Well, even when Lura was living with us, they were both outnumbered, but at least then Jolene had Lura!  Anyway…

Jolene often told people she lived in a Disney Apartment.  She even announced it to our ward!  She said we were a Disney Apartment because no matter what was happeneing, one of us would start singing a song and everyone would join in.  It didn’t matter what the subject was.  We could find a song.  She tested us one day as we were all walking home from church.  She’d shout out a word and we would would have to come up with an actual song… just like that… right then.  It was pretty funny.  I thought it was just my being influenced by living with so many other musicians, because I honestly don’t sing that much.  I hate the sound of my voice and I don’t think I sing well at ALL.  I hated taking Aural Skills because I had to sing in front of people.  Ugh!!!  I hated teaching lessons for my Elementary Music Methods class because I had to sing not just in front of little kids we were practicing on, but in front of my classmates.  I often wished for a large hole to swallow me up.  So once I was married and didn’t have all these girls around me constantly singing, I thought that was that.

This morning, as I went to the back yard to turn on the sprinklers,  I saw a garbage truck driving through the back alley way.  On the side of the truck are the words “Roll Out The Barrell!”  Once I saw that, I suddenly had the beginning strains to a polka running through my head.  I know a few polkas (“In heaven there is no beeeeeer/ That’s why we drink it heeeeere/ And when we’re gone from heeeeeeere/ Our friends will be drinking all our beeeeeeer!”), but of course the one stuck in my head is from Bear in the Big Blue House… “Pig in a Polk Polka”.  Nice.  I see things and they remind me of one thing, which leads to another, then another, then a song is stuck in my head for several days.

Admit it, Sariah.  You’re turning into your mother, and soon you’ll be singing “Let us of speak kind words to each other” to your children!!


10 responses to “Sing, Sing, Sing!

  1. Sing, Sing, Sing, I like to sing, I like to sing a song, sing sing sing…

    What a cute post — I wish I had roomed with another music major, just once. (Instead I lived with people who said, “do you even live here? Why do you bother paying rent?”)

    I know what you mean about finding a song for nearly everything, I find myself doing it sometimes. The funny thing is, I try not to sing out loud if anyone other than my children is around for fear of looking like a dork. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who can think of a song for nearly everything!

    (ahem, I have already hummed “let us oft speak kind words” to my friends and family when they’re bickering.)

  2. My father would sing in public. Like, walking down the street, for no reason. I used to cringe.

    This morning I saw my son’s school newsletter advertising something called the “Highland Hustle” and I spontaneously starting whistling, then singing, the old classic disco tune.

    There’s a song for everything.

  3. I sing all the time. Jaedin LOVES it and gives me songs to sing to him or he’ll just say, “sing Mama!”

    We’ll see how he feels when I keep it up when he’s 16 😉

  4. You’re so funny. My mom would sing, my dad would whistle. Shane even will sing a random little ditty every so often. I’ll think of songs, that’s about it.

  5. I was thinking of you at Disneyland yesterday. Not just because you were recently there, but also because it was one of those days when everything is a song. (For example, from the Ferris Wheel in California Adventure Park you can see the craftsman-style hotel that’s on the grounds. Hotel California immediately came to mind.)

  6. I am so proud…actually I have ALWAYS hated the song: Love At Home because of singing it approxanately ten million, nine hundred fifty-six thousand eighthundred seventy-six times [a month!] OK, so most RMs from my era feel the same way, and I know that I exaggerate just a tad…

    But there IS a song for everything–and if not, you can always make one fit or make one up. It makes me feel good, even if my children don’t always appreciate my, um, sterling voice!

    I knew you’d give in one day 🙂

  7. Sing girl, sing! I don’t sing very often either, to my kids at least…I sing the hymns at church, but that’s about it. When I do start singing a song to htem, they think I’m weird. Then Abi asks me to sing a song and, whammy!…I can’t think of anything to sing! Oh well!

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