Wha–?? I Was Tagged???

I’ve been reading everyone’s blogs. I swear I have. I’ve read everyone’s 7 Random Things and thought to myself, “I didn’t get tagged this time.” and I wasn’t sure whether to be happy or offended. Then I read the other Sariah’s 7 Random Things and she mentioned that both of us were mentioned by GoofyJ. I went back, and sho’ ’nuff! I dun gone and been tagged! Silly me. SO… here are 7 Random Things About Me:

1. As much as I hate long winters and soooooooo much snow and small towns where everyone knows everything about everyone, since moving here to Phoenix I have actually found myself missing living in Preston, Idaho. I know. I can hardly believe it, too.

2. I have hazel colored eyes, which I love because hardly anybody has hazel eyes. I used to hate the lack of mention of beautiful, hazel eyes in TV, movies, or songs, but now Kelly Clarkson has her song, “These Hazel Eyes”, and it’s great. The song is great. Kelly Clarkson is great. Hazel eyes in general are not just great, they are AWESOME.

3. I have just agreed to be a contributing writer on the “Movies Noone Should See” blog. Well, I offered and they accepted. Anyway, I get to write mostly about reality TV, but can write whatever about anything I want. Kewl!!!!

4. Some of my color guard girls made bracelets out of embroidery floss for the three of them and for me. We each got to pick our favorite color. Of course, they did not inform me that the colors would be bright, neon, but whatever. Anyway, the girls wrapped the bracelet around my wrist, tied it off, and I wear it all the time now. It will come off when it breaks off, I guess.

5. My mom and I have eerily similar handwriting. I actually have to concentrate on what I’m doing whenever I write (or print… same thing, really) in order to make it not look like my mom’s. Isn’t that wierd?

6. Asparagus used to be one of my favorite veggies, but then, just over 6 years ago, I got pregnant for the first time. Right before (like days, I think) I started to get really sick I had made this huge meal for Valentine’s Day. One of the side dishes was this really yummy asparagus wreath. However, with the kind of morning sickness I had (Al, I totally feel ya!!), I was puking everything, all day and night long. Certain foods that I once loved became dreaded. A month later I had a miscarraige and once the surgery was over, the morning sickness went away. I am pretty much back to normal with all of the other foods, but to this day I can’t even look at a picture of asparagus without feeling like I’m going to gag. It’s sad because I actually do miss it.

7. I have never been to band camp. It’s wierd to hear about these bands that go away for band camp because in my high school we met at the school every day for a few weeks before school started to get ready for marching band. Band camp was considered that music camp that you went to as an individual musician. The high school I am teaching guard at this year, however, has the entire band load busses and go to Colorado for a week. The kids are waaaaay excited to go, and that has rubbed off on me. I get to go to band camp! Finally!! I couldn’t afford it when I was a teenager, and I never won a scholorship. So, starting in August, you may hear me say, “One time, at band camp…” an aweful lot. I just won’t have any stories involving my flute, so please don’t ask. (I hope most of you don’t actually get that joke. That was a disgusting movie!)

K, there you go! I tag Erica, Laural, Kris, and Kenyon.


6 responses to “Wha–?? I Was Tagged???

  1. I have hazel eyes too! 🙂 great 7, and I am glad you finally noticed you were tagged. 😉

    YAY for hazel eyes!! Do you get wierd comments from people about them, too? I once had a person ask me if I was a witch because I had orange eyes. I was pretty stunned by that one. I just think it’s cool that my eyes essentially change color depending on what clothes I’m wearing and what mood I’m in. And they have all those wierd colors together. I like the orange… except when someone is seriously (and she WAS serious in her question!) asking me if I’m a witch.

  2. i wonder if that’s just a mother/daughter thing. my writing looks a lot like my moms when i’m not scribbling so fast only i can read it.
    do your sisters write similarly? ok wait, it’s not a mother/daughter thing because my sister writes big bubble letters. [/shakes head]

    Yeah, I’d say it was a mother/daughter thing, too, except my sisters don’t write like us. Lura’s writing has a bit more flourish and Erica’s is small and practically ineligible. So… who knows! 😀

  3. My writing actually is very similar to both yours and Moms, I started to really change it after taking drafting classes, so now it either looks technical or I really flourish it just for a change.

    I get ya on the food thing. It took me until after Gareth was born to have Chinese food again, because of the morning sickness I had early in my pregnancy with Jago. So I guess mine isn’t as bad as yours, but whatever.

  4. you’re awesome!!! Loved your bit on TAR, btw…couldn’t read the survivor part because we still haven’t watched it! Thanks for tagging me!!! 😀

  5. Hold on, didn’t you go to band camp in AR? I would Swear that Deborah’s mother and I took you girls up to a college [in Arkadelphia maybe?] So I don’t understand.

    Should I feel left out? Not being tagged? Except that you do have my handwriting, although when I’m not careful, it begins to look more like Erica’s! It stood you [and Vinnie] good stead in HS–Lura too. How often did one of you say,” Mom, I wrote a note from you today saying…” I did not feel that you ever abused it, so I let it slide. And you get your hazel eyes from me, too. I’ve also received the witch question. Seriously. [Some people are just nuts!]

  6. My handwriting is very close to my mom’s too. Nathan and one of his sisters have nearly identical handwriting (which is weird because Nathan has the weirdest chicken-scratch handwriting!! I couldn’t copy it if I tried!!) What is the link for the movies no one should see website?

    Yay! I’m coming out in 4 days!

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