Friends, Clean House, Compliment

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Details of Dallin’s birthday and my Disney trip coming soon… with pictures!  Yay!  Here’s my weekly 3 Beautiful Things:

1.  Running into friends from Nevada while in line for Space Mountain

2.  Coming home from a trip to a clean house and happy kids (THANK YOU HEIDE!!!!)

3.  Hearing my guard girls say about me, “Sariah is so awesome.  You just can’t help but fall in love with her!”

Okay, now what’s yours?? 😀


4 responses to “Friends, Clean House, Compliment

  1. What a great list! (I’m especially happy about that last one, I’m so glad they appreciate you for how cool you really are.)

    1. Family coming to visit (last week and next)
    2. Friends who keep our days full
    3. Finding strength I didn’t know I had

  2. Wow! I didn’t know you went to Disney! (I have a gold-fish-like memory…you’ve probably talked about it before!) How fun!

    I’m having a brain fart on beautiful things…these might be repeats of previous weeks.

    1. Polite kids
    2. Moving in 3 days
    3. Friends volunteering to help move

  3. Love em! (This is Laural btw) I’m so happy for you! I love compliments too! I will post my 3 on my blog!

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