The Sariah

I was bored and avoiding going to bed (don’t ask me why… I’m super tired), and I decided to do a Google search on my own name.  I wanted to see how many other Sariahs I would find, and I wanted to see how quickly my name came up.  I was actually on the first page, but it was a link for an article about making the dean’s list waaaaaay back in my university days.  Or maybe that’s what I found when I was doing the search for Chesley.  I don’t really remember.  It’s getting pretty late.

Anyway, I looked some more, and I found a prom dress.  The Sariah prom dress!  It’s really pretty, but I don’t think it’s actually me.  Too ruffly and puffy in the skirt, but I really like the bodice.  Oh, and it’s mostly white, which is NOT a good color for me.  I get all washed out looking, and with all the weight I’ve gained the past few years, white is not my friend.  The only time I ever thought I looked good in white was on my wedding day. 

Wow, I’m quite the rambler tonight, aren’t I?  So, if you want to check out “my” dress, the Sariah, click here.  I wish I were a fashion designer and could come up with something that actually would be more me.  Or I wish I were 17 again and going to prom so I could wear this dress (and be super skinny again so I could look good in this dress) and when people say, “what are you wearing”, I could say “The Sariah!”

Although, I don’t really want to be 17 again.  It was fun having a reason to dress up al fancy, though.We don’t really get those opportunities anymore. ~sigh~

Oh, and maybe if I throw in my name, Sariah, a whole bunch of times, when someone does a Google Search for Sariah, they will immediately find my blog.  If you are searching for Sariah, please feel free to leave a comment.  Just be nice.  We can be friends.  That’s how I met Sariah in Vancouver, after all! 🙂


13 responses to “The Sariah

  1. Hi Sariah! I love the new look to Sariah’s blog. It’s just so Sariah! I like reading things here in Sariah’s posts. Have I said my quota of Sariah’s yet? 😉

    I love Modest by Design dresses! I wish I had reasons to get dressed up too. Someone needs to make an adult prom that you can go to with your husband. But you have to act all coy and ask yourself, “does he really like me?” at least 50 times an hour even though you know the answer and you have to act like it’s cute when he steps on your toes for the 20th time. That way it would feel like the real prom 😀

    So, since you’re the ruler of this universe, and you are now throwing an adult prom, and I have a million dollars so I don’t have to worry about the enormous cost of these dresses, here are the two dresses I like best for the adult prom! (and now I’ll agonize and debate for a week until I finally choose one, then I’ll spend the next week thinking that I chose the wrong one, then it’ll come in the mail and it’ll look so fabulous but Nathan’s not allowed to see me in it until Prom night.

    The green Shelby

    The red Sandy

    Remembering that I have a million dollars, I think I’d end up choosing the red Sandy even though it’s so expensive they don’t even list the price! That way when the song Lady in Red came on I’d totally fit the part. Then I’d dance with the most handsome guy there.

    Ches is still coming, right? 😉

  2. Why yes, that IS how we met! And I’m so glad!!! 🙂

    I don’t think the Sariah is quite my style either, go figure. lol But I did like the light lavendar one, it’s a Sariah too I think, just a slightly different style. I do like the bodice part in most of the Sariahs, but yeah the skirt is too ruffly on most of them. :S

    They really should have asked us real Sariah’s OUR opinion on what a Sariah dress should look like! 😉

  3. I think The Sariah is cute, but the bottom needs to be changed,it should be a little more fitted and black, then I might wear it for something. I do like the change of your blog, although I had to make sure I was on the right one 🙂

  4. It’s funny the things people do when they are bored.

    I am not at all sure of what I think of those dresses, but someone should tell those girls that no one looks attractive in a wide mid-calf-length skirt, and tying your shoes with gladiator ribbons merely compounds the problem.

  5. Nope, The Sariah was not made for you [and yes, you did look fabulous in white on your wedding day–like a fairy princess] but the bodice was very you. The red Sandy was, however more in your palette. When I was a young mother, the church [well, most stakes] sponsered adult stake dances–New year’s and/or Valentines. It was time to pull out the prom dresses. And it was fun. Lots of times friends would exchange dresses, that way you got to feel like you had a new dress rather than wearing the same dress to every event!

  6. Wow, you’re right about that dress not being you. Wow. Sariah Sariah Sariah Sariah. I’m not as clever as FeatherSky, so I’m just going to keep writing your name so that your blog is the FIRST thing to pop up when someone googles your name.
    Sariah’s of the world, Unite and Take Over.

    Sariah Sariah Sariah Sariah Sariah Sariah Sariah

  7. Hello Sariah. I looked up my name on google and what do you know, here I am. So I am just here to say hello hello Sariah #2.

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