Clean Room, Kisses, Phone Call

Here is this week’s Happy Wednesday segment (sorry that I missed last week!  I’m sure you’ll all survive).

1.  Aiden putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket, a book on the bookshelf, and toys in the closet so he could have a clean room when he went to bed.  (and it was all his idea to pick up before he got into bed! )

2.  Slobbery, sticky, huge kisses from my baby.

3.  Phone calls from my SIL just because she felt like calling me.


7 responses to “Clean Room, Kisses, Phone Call

  1. 1. Having my thesis approved by my chair!

    2. Having a little boy who is such a great bug brother.

    3. Going for a long walk with my family.

  2. 1. My kids playing games together–even if it is online [thank you modern technology!]

    2. Great reports on my grandkids–I’m so proud of you, Aiden!

    3. The neurologist saying that my latest wacko symptyms do not appear to be neurological. [I give up–how do you spell that last s word–not spell!?]

  3. What a fun list!

    1. Going to the dentist (finally! after 8 1/2 years)
    2. Big Brother letting Little Brother sleep
    3. Phone calls from old friends

  4. I was sure I commented on this – sure I did. I think I am going crazy – or maybe I have finally arrived! 🙂 Anyway, I love you list – and if I can finally remember, I’ll start posting my list on Wednesdays too. 🙂

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