Painting the House

If you have seen my Flickr pictures (and I think most of you have now!), you have seen the proud painting of my two little monsters.  I was here in the computer room yesterday, trying to solve a riddle with Laural, thinking the boys were happily watching their favorite video du jour, when Aiden came in and proudly announced, “Mom!  We were painting!  We painted the walls and the doors!”  I looked at Aiden’s hands, covered in marker, and almost had a heart attack.  I’m not even kidding.

I went to the living room and family room, and saw all that you see in the pictures.  I had a panic attack.  I haven’t had one of those in a while.  Once I recovered, I sent the boys to their room, grounded them from any TV for the rest of the day, and got to work.  The markers are the washable kind, and I guess highlighter comes off pretty well, too.  The purple left marks, but everything else seems to come off easily.  I guess the owners of the house may have used that paint that lets you wash it easily?  I don’t remember what it is.  I’ve just seen commercials or something for paint that if your kids draw on it, you can wash it easily without stipping any of the paint (which is what happened in our first apartment in Nevada.  Seriously, wipe it once, and the paint was totally gone!).

Today I am going to get some new Magic Erasers (man, I sure love those things!!  They really are a little miracle, aren’t they?  Oh, and don’t try to buy some cheap imitation or another brand.  We tried, and they totally don’t work.) then I will get the rest off.

The boys are still alive, Mom.  Barely.  The good thing is, I was able to get them to bed really early last night, and since Ches was gone to do a recording, I got to relax and cool off all on my own.  I bought a Sudoku puzzle book at Target for 50 cents.  Between  Sudoku, Survivor, and left over Easter candy, I went to bed in a pretty good mood.

Now, back to the riddle I was trying to solve.


11 responses to “Painting the House

  1. When I was really little (3?) me and my brother (4?) did that with multiple crayons over an entire wall in my sister’s room (from the photos it looks like we covered a good 10 foot section!).

    I don’t remember it at all, but I remember seeing the crayon marks all over the wall for the next 5 years. I think it was still like that when we moved!

    Jaedin and Jenacy haven’t done that…yet. I hope they’re sufficiently afraid of what I’d do if I walked in a room and found that! Kudos to you for not killing them!!! 😀

  2. I know what you mean about different kinds of paint. Out apartment in Virginia was painted with the cheapest matte paint ever. If I wiped gently with a damp cloth (to clean, perhaps, a splatter in the kitchen or a mark left by hanging a painting) it would not take off the stain but it would take off the paint. It was awful. (Thankfully, the magic eraser helped with some of those problems, too.) I’m so glad for you that your current place has better paint.

    Your budding Picasos have skills, but maybe they should help with the cleanup, too. (I still remember my role in cleanup as a child.)

  3. Are you feeling better about the whole paint issue now, 24 hours later? It is kindof funny, when you think about it! I am constantly magic erasing crayon of our wall downstairs!

    Like the ipod thing. Very stylish!

    Good luck with the interviews. You know, if you interviewed here, you would pretty much be guaranteed a job?!

  4. Two little Picassos struck our apartment in Richland and it was so bad that I had to repaint the wall. $36 for a can of custom paint. And I used maybe 1/3rd of it. Not cool! You got off easy, but I am happy for you. I’m glad you don’t have to repaint. Next time my kids do that, I am going to turn them into Van Goghs.

  5. Great job on conquering 1] panic attack 2] heart attack and especially 3] desire for murder!

    I can remember sending you to your room one time, not because what you did was anywhere near as bad–in fact it was an “accident”–but because I was so upset, and didn’t want to deal with you when that angry! Glad you were able to deal with the whole situation so well. Also glad for the invention of those magic erasers as well as markers that wash off. Quality paint doesn’t hurt!

  6. Great job on leaving the kids alive 😉 At least it was marker – that is much more pleasant than poopies. My girls had this nasty business of painting their bedroom walls with it, and let me tell you they were scrubbing those walls (at 2 and 3) right along with me. It was all I could do not to get angry. I think the Lord helped a lot with that one.

    I have actually found that scrubbing walls makes a great consequence to a lot of things… 🙂

  7. I often send my kids to their room so that i can calmly think of what to do because I am too frustrated or angry. There has been times when Tim has had to send me to my room because I am not handling things very well.

    I have often said that playdates with parents too are done purely to prevent death, because there would be a witness.

  8. Than you Alyson, for my laugh today. My generation didn’t do formally named “playdates” but we got together for much the same reasons–mom’s sanity, burn excess energies together, but I never thought about the witness part. Thanks–I needed the laugh. See what good the boys did, Sariah 🙂

  9. I just have a few words. Permanent Marker, Freezer, Garage, Will, 2 years ago. I’ll just leave it at that.

    Now all markers, pencils, pens, crayons, chalk even has to be “checked out” with permission and used under supervision.

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