Gimme Some Skin!

I'm soooooo cool
Look at how cool my iPod is. I mean, it is just awesome, isn’t it? Since I’ve been carrying my iPod everywhere lately, and since my children love to play with it and get their grubby little hands all over it, I’ve been contemplating getting a case or skin of some sort. But I wasn’t too fond with what I saw. Until Tuesday. We were in the mall and passed by a kiosk covered in skins for iPods. I immediately saw a Canadian flag and contemplated how cool that would be. I looked at all the designs (and I saw several that I thought would be perfect for each of you!), and let the salesman give his pitch.

What’s cool is that it’s like a sticker that goes on the front and one on the back (oh, and one for the front button, too). It peels off easily, can be saved for future use easily, and cleans easily (just a little glass cleaner!). And it has a lifetime waranty. Yay! For $15, I was sold. Oh, yeah. And not everyone has one, so now I don’t have to use a Sharpie to write my name on my iPod. πŸ™‚ It’s called Gizmobies. I know I sound like a commercial, but I am easily excited by new things.Go see what else they have. I couldn’t decide between the hearts, Canadian flag (although our anniversary is coming up, and Ches found it pretty cool and has his own iPod…), the Union Jack, or blue camo.


5 responses to “Gimme Some Skin!

  1. I love the one you chose, I would have probably wanted to choose the same one too. πŸ˜€ First I gotta get myself an ipod, then figure out how to get it to play through my car stereo THEN I’ll look for a cool skin…

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