Books, Compliments, and Flowers

Here are this weeks Three Beautiful Things that make me HAPPY!

1.  Buying a brand new, hardcover book that I am so excited to read.  Oh!  And it only cost $10!

2.  Receiving multiple compliments on how great my kids look in their “ethnic” clothes (see Flickr later today for pictures).

3.  The little purple flowers that have randomly sprung up in various parts of the yard.  They’re so pretty!

Happy Wednesday!


9 responses to “Books, Compliments, and Flowers

  1. 1. 50% discount on easter candy. Mmmmmmm
    2. Weekly story time/play group (I got to have conversations with ADULTS!!!!)
    3. Not having to worry so much about money anymore.

  2. 1. Turning in my thesis (ok, so it’s probably not the finaly time, but still).

    2. A really good nights sleep.

    3. Getting my graduation paraphenilia so I can walk at graduation (btw, the hood color for theatre is brown. Which is weird, because the tassle color for my undergrad in theatre was silver. I’d’ve thought they would be the same. huh.)

  3. #1 being availible to my children when they need my help: to talk, to help with papers, to hep with children

    #2 getting my daily batch of indexing out before noon–thus [that word is fr Erica] making it possible to get an extra batch in later in the day–possibly.

    #3 flavored local creamed honey–yum, plus helps with allergies! [and lots more fun that just taking more pills!

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