Chocolate, Bedroom, Help

I can’t believe I’ve been so caught up in everything else today that I almost forgot about Wednesday’s Three Beautiful Things That Make Me Happy!!  Sheesh.  Here we go:

1.  Eating Easter chocolates that my son got in preschool but is very willing to share with his chocoholic of a mother.

2  A clean bedroom with freshly vaccuumed floors

3.  Being able to help my sister in her final review of her master’s thesis before it goes in to the professors.


5 responses to “Chocolate, Bedroom, Help

  1. 1. Having my big sister help me with some revisions to my master’s thesis.
    2. Watching my husband rough house with our son (even when it results in him throwing out his back).
    3. Taking a nap with my baby in the late afternoon.

  2. 1. Submitting two batches of FamilySearch indexing in one day!

    2. The ability to sleep all day te day after riding 11 miles or so on my bike.

  3. Oops. Wrong button…

    3. Having my PAF fixed after almost three months of it freezing evertime I tried to use it! [Thank you to tech support in SL who spent hour and hours on my case!]

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