New Book for April

I can’t believe I spaced Book Club meeting at MY house. Oh well. The women showed up, the house was barely clean (if only they could have come into my bedroom! I got that SO clean today!), but they didn’t seem to mind the stacks of clothes on the coffee table that had been pushed out of the way so Parker would have some room on the floor to play.

For the month of March, we read a nonfiction book called The 5,000 Year Leap. I actually haven’t read it, but we had a great discussion anyway. Well, it was more like the woman who chose this book read a ton of excerpts from the book and every now and then we tried to discuss a particular point. I found the subject quite interesting, and would definitely recommend it. It is basically a book about the Constitution of the United States and what exactly our Founding Fathers meant when they wrote the Constitution. One point I found interesting was when the author states that John Adams didn’t actually like Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson, but he give so many accolades of these men in his writings. It just tells me that while these men may not have “clicked” or been friends of any sort, they still respected each other and the work they were each trying to do. I wish that politicians today were more like that. Instead of the mudslinging tactics, try respecting each other, even in their differences. Everyone has done some good, I’m sure. I don’t think anyone goes into politics to screw over everyone else. Maybe that’s just me, though.

We chose the book to read for April. I actually went to Julia’s site and looked at her book page to come up with a couple of ideas to throw out there. Thanks for your help, Julia! We have decided to read The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle. Aiden wants to participate in Book Club, so I told him I would read the book out loud to him and he can sit in with us next month. He’s pretty excited for that. I’m pretty excited about this book. It’ll be a lot of fun, whether or not Aiden actually reads it with me.

5 responses to “New Book for April

  1. Sounds like your Book Club went fairly well. Did you serve he apple pie?

    I frantically read Tale of Two Cities and The Scarlett Pimpernel over Conf weekend, watched 4 sessions of Conf, submitted 2 batches of indexing, and finished proofreading a doctoral thesis. Whew! Then realized we purposely skipped BC this month because I was supposed to be gone. hmmph!

    Both The Five-Thousand Year Leap and Robin Hood sound like good choices. Another one we read that was great was The Five Love Languages. Even Dad read it!

  2. I’m in a book club at church but I’ve never been to any of the meetings. It’s hosted by a group of people who don’t have kids (or have older kids in school) and they always have the meetings at pricey restaurants. I probably wouldn’t have time to read the books anyway… 😦

  3. A new book for me? 🙂 Did I ever mention how much I hate the month of April? Every time I turn around, someone is calling my name!

    It’s funny because as I wrote out the title, all I could think of is how much it sounded like a tribute to you or I was buying books for you or something. I thought later I should have written “New Book For The Month of April”. I bet it gets really confusing having your name be the month or something, huh?

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