A True Fan

Yesterday I had to take Aiden to Wal-Mart to find a birthday present for a party later on in the day.   Sometimes I really hate Wal Mart with it’s crowded aisles, rude customers, slow cashiers, insanely busy parking lot, and low-quality clothing.  Sometimes I love Wal Mart just for being a one-stop place to shop (as it was yesterday).  One stop is really good when you have three kids ages 4 and under.

As we walked by the children’s clothing, I noticed some really cute, pink, baby rompers with the Chicago Cubs logo on them.  If you know me, you know that while I don’t normally watch baseball, I love the Cubs.  I inherited that love from my Grandma, who was the biggest Cubs fan in the world.  So anyway, as I started to look through the clothes for other shirts and rompers, Aiden saw a child’s jersey with the NY Yankees logo on it.

Everyone is aware that my sister Erica is a huge Red Sox fan, right?  I mean, the girl lives and breathes by the Red Sox (when she isn’t cheering on BU hockey, that is).  Erica, The Boston Snob (as I lovingly call her) has taken it upon herself to make my boys Red Sox fans and Terrier fans.  Because of Erica, Aiden proudly announces that the Red Sox are his favorite team.

Aiden saw this jersey and said with a voice just dripping in total disgust, “I don’t like that one. ”  I looked at him in surprise as I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been informed of this particular rivalry yet (although I have taught him “Who do we hate??  Boise State!”).  I answered, “Well of course you don’t like it.  You’re a Red Sox fan.”

Aiden spent the rest of the day making fun of the “Hankees” (he forgot that their name is actually Yankees, and he thinks Hankees sound funnier.) and declaring his love of the Boston Red Sox.  Erica couldn’t be more proud of her nephew.


6 responses to “A True Fan

  1. Hi Sariah, this is Amber, Angel’s(TexAngel) friend. Angel does not have the internet anymore and would like to get in touch with you by phone. She can’t remember where she put your phone number. Is there some way that she can get in contact with you through me so she could call you? To prove that it is Angel she says to tell you to smile, note the nose 🙂

    Amber R

  2. Funny story, but what about the Cubs–he MUST like the Cubs. I HATE baseball, but I like the Cubs. It is required of our family. Just sayin’ There is a car down the street wih a sticker: “Yankees Suck” and over by the post ofice is one with a liscence plate saying “CUBS 4 ME”

    Amber R. give TexAngel my love, haven’t heard from heard in awhile and was wondering…

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