Beautiful Things That Make Me Happy

Karen had a really interesting post today.  She listed 5 things that make her happy, then asked us to comment with 5 things that made us happy (because if she could have a number 6, it would be people leaving comments on her blog, right?).  I gladly left my 5 things, but within a few minutes I had another five.  Then another five.  Then another five.  The more I thought about it, the more things I could think of that make me happy.

A long time ago I was doing the random blog button thing, and I came across  Three Beautiful Things.  This is a really cool site.  It’s run by Clare, who everyday shares with us three things she finds beautiful.  I don’t really want to do that everyday, but I am willing to make this a regular thing.  I hereby call Wednesday (even though today is Tuesday, so I’ll do it again tomorrow.  I just want to start today) as Happy Wednesday.  Every Wednesday I will list Three Beautiful Things of my own.  Three Beautiful Things that Make Me Happy.  Here is my start (and is not what I listed in Karen’s comment box):

  1. Fresh fruit
  2. The sound of my neighbors mowing their lawn
  3. Hugs from my sons

Please join in on Happy Wednesday’s Beautiful Things.  When we list these things, it helps keep things in perspective and helps us all to be happier in general.  Or at least it helps ME. 😀


4 responses to “Beautiful Things That Make Me Happy

  1. 1. Nursing my son (it’s going beautifully with Gareth!) 🙂
    2. Smiles from my sons (especially Gareth, ’cause they’re still so new).
    3. Hot chocolate on windy, overcast days.

  2. 1. phone calls wih my kids [or in the case of the only one left at home–a personal conversation]
    2. phone calls with my grandkids–who cares if most of what most oftem say is impossible to understand yet–they are talking to me!
    3. shopping for unneccessary, just fun things to send t my kids and grandkids.

    And I did all of these Wed and Thurs his week!

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