Real Moms

Okay, Alyson tagged me, so I guess I better do this.  (And hey, what’s with the whole “payback” bit, Al?  When’s the last time I tagged you??  Or are you bitter because I was so awesome with 2 Truths and A Lie?  heh).

Real Moms buy treats for being good while shopping.
Real Moms

So… to play all you have to do is come up with something that “real moms” do… and add a picture. I tag Laural, ABQ (Dana), Sariah in Vancouver, and Perpetual Chocoholic. If you want. It’s pretty fun, though.


6 responses to “Real Moms

  1. I just can’t help but think you forgot a word and you meant to say … “Real Moms buy THEMSELVES treats for being good…” because that’s the way it works in our house.

    I mean, no it isn’t! Uhhhhh….

  2. I laughed and laughed – and then I showed Paul and we laughed some more because that is exactly how it goes in our house 😉

    Oooh, and definitely yummy chocolate chips there (I have a bag of those around here somewhere – now where did they go…)

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