In This Digital Age

I am so grateful to be living in this digital age.  I love having the internet as it keeps me connected to friends and family and has helped me find new friends that there is no way I would have if it weren’t for the internet.

Yesterday I became quite ill.  I have mastitis, and was unsure of what to do.  Of course the first thing I did is call my mom, because when you’re sick you just want Mommy to make you better.  Even at 30 years old with gray hair and three kids, I want my mommy.  Anyrate, after talking to her for a bit, I shuffled into the computer room and who was online, but ABQ.  I had talked to Zen Mama online earlier in the day, but that was before my 101 degree fever and chills.  Zen gave me some great tips on nursing and what to check for because I was in a lot of pain.  Anyway, I asked ABQ’s help and opinions.  I was waiting for the doctor’s office to open from lunch so I could make an appointment.  With ABQ’s suggestions and Zen’s earlier suggestions, I never called the doctor’s office back.  Ches was able to come home early to take care of the kids for me, so I got the rest I needed.  Last night, just as suddenly as the fever came on, it broke.  I still have a little pain as I nurse, but it’s mostly gone.

Thank you, my digital friends, for being there.  I felt like I was going to die there for a bit (yes, I know it’s an exaggeration, but I was really sick!!), but by following what other experienced moms told me, I was able to get better quickly.  I really appreciate all of your friendships… all my blogging buddies have taught me new things and encouraged me when I was down and helped me in ways you’ll never know.  I’m so glad I live in this digital age!


10 responses to “In This Digital Age

  1. So why are you holding back from giving the good advice? Please share incase some of us who have never had mastitis and don’t have zen mom or ABQ to chat with might know what to do.

  2. Oh I’m so glad we talked! And I’m so so so glad you’re better. I always got it over the weekends (and like I said, every 2 weeks after Little Red was born, I feel your pain.) Anytime you need boob talk, you know where to find me! (just as long as my internet is working…) Keep resting!

  3. Notice that the helpful info did not come from Mom. It has been sooo very long since my mastitis bouts, all I remember is the pain of nursing through it.

  4. I’m with you on the gratitude for the digital age. I obviously can’t relate to nursing issues, but other “girl” things can be very scary, like thinking you’re going to bleed to death on the 13th day of a 22-day period. Turns out that near-hemorraghing is not that uncommon in women my age, along with a whole bunch of other symptoms of perimenopause. You’re much too young to worry about any of that stuff now, but when the time comes, call me, because there is *so* much more to it than hot flashes!!

  5. I’m glad I was able to help. It was so scary and so frightening when it happened to me when I was nursing Will (also on a weekend like Zen Mama mentioned) that if I even felt the slightest possibility that it might be developing when I was nursing sydnie I knew how to combat it. It’s so not fun. Glad you’re feeling better!

  6. Ouch! I got mastitis 3 days after Elder Ward Missionary was born. It was so painful and so not fun! Once was more than enough. I hope you recover quickly (if you haven’t recovered by now). I know I’m slow in reading your blog and responding.

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