The Waiting Game

As I’m sure you all know, my sister, Lura, is pregnant.  She is actually due last Sunday or something, so we’re all anxiously awaiting the arrival of her second son, little Gareth.  Lura is quite large (as all overdue pregnant women are), and her first, Jago was a big baby (10 pounds, right Lur?).  It’s looking like Gareth actually won’t be “little Gareth” as much as another moose.  I think they are adorable, but then again, I don’t have to push that huge thing out of my body.  Anyrate, Lura is trying to stay patient as she really, really wants this baby out.

My mom is also anxiously waiting, as this will be her 6th grandchild (5th grandson!).  Mom hasn’t had to wait a whole lot with the births of her other grandchildren.  Aiden was born 3 days early, Chloe was 10 days early, Dallin was 9 days early, and Parker was 2 1/2 weeks early.  Jago had to be induced, so Lura had to wait for him, too.

Mom calls Lura every single day to check up on her.  It’s really funny.  Lura is pretty sick of random people calling her and asking those dumb “Haven’t you had the baby yet???” questions.  However, knowing that this is bothering her, Mom doesn’t say she calling to check up on Lura and the status of this birth.  She is finding other excuses to make it seem like she’s just calling for the heck of it.  Yeah, Mom.  Every.  Single.  Day.  We know the truth.  Last Sunday my mom called me (I was at church, though) because she had tried to call Lura and didn’t get an answer, so then she tried Jesse’s cell and didn’t get an answer.  She called me because she was “soooooo hoping!”  However, Lura and Jesse were just at church, so obviously not answering their phones.  Besides, Mom, why in the world would I know before you?  Sheesh.  Maybe Lura should just put you on the bottom of the call list, just to annoy you.  Heh.  That’ll teach ya! 😉

The funniest part is that Mom often tells the story of when she was pregnant with me (her first), and I was 2 weeks overdue.  Mom and Dad were living in some little farmhouse in the middle of a field or some such thing.  My grandfather came to town for the birth and got a hotel room where he could see my parents’ house from his hotel.  Every morning he would come stomping in the house, calling out, “Valerie?  Valerie?  Have you had the baby yet?  Where’s that baby?  Valerie, where are you?”  Mom enjoys telling the story, but she also makes it clear how exasperating it was at the same time.  Lura and I keep laughing that Mom is just doing exactly what Grandpa did, but since Mom is stuck in Ohio and Lura is in San Diego, Mom has to stick with calling her everyday.

Keep waiting, Mom.  We all are.  Some of us are just more patient than others.  😉


5 responses to “The Waiting Game

  1. I will have you know that I have not called Lura for TWO WHOLE DAYS!!! It’s making me crazy, ’cause I just want to know how she is. But I thought of my Dad…Aargh! And I get all confused with the time differences AND I thought I’d waited long enough on Sunday. So. There. I don’t know why I’m so impatient–I’m not the one who’s carrying that baby! I still can’t make travel plans as Jesse still hasn’t received his Orders, so we don’t know details of their move. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy at home, but I just want to know! Because I said so. And that is supposed to be good enough.

  2. I think it’s obvious that she’s trying to hold on to the baby to make him twins with mine, but as I plan to be pregnant for another four weeks, please tell her to just go ahead and have her baby, thanks anyway. 😉

    My mother calls every week “just to see how you’re doing and if you have any news.” We don’t have a history of early babies so this is especially odd.

    I’m learning that expectant grandparents are more crazy (no offense, Allrie!) than expectant parents.

  3. No offense taken. I actually agree–but I thought I’d get less crazy over the years. Nope. I’m hopeless. Sorry kids.

    Oh, and poetic justice: Sariah and I had barely hung up the phone from talking out my comments to her post [we were both laughing–well, sorta 🙂 ] when I received a phone call from Lura! She was inbetween the Dr’s office and the hospital. But that was hours ago…and I haven’t heard anything yet. How am I supposed to sleep when I just know they’re going to be “considerate” of the time difference. Sigh.

  4. I feel for Lura – Jacob was 2 weeks past due – I got so tired of people calling that I change the message on our answering machine to say : You have reached the — and, no, we have not had the baby yet, we will notify you when we do. Then I quit answering the phone. It was rather funny. All the sweet well meaning people were driving me nuts though. 🙂

  5. Jaedin was two weeks late too! All the “advice” from people drove me NUTS!!! When I was pregnant with Jenacy I made up a due date 2 weeks past when I was officially due and told that date to everyone so that I wouldn’t get ongoing questions (she was only 3 days late).

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