Broken Heart

I just picked Aiden up from school.  He was standing there with his craft du juor (his name written with different kinds of noodles.  Very cool) and the saddest face.  Remember me mentioning his little girlfriend Savannah?  Today she apparantly told Aiden they weren’t friends anymore.  Also, she didn’t want to sit by him in music time.  As Aiden told me this, he started to cry.

 Four years old and he has his first broken heart.  I’m sure by Monday Savannah will like him again.  Perhaps she thought Aiden was rushing things when he announced to the class last week that they are getting married (but he knows it’s not until later… after his mission… so he has to be at least 21!!).  Maybe she heard that Kasia is also his girlfriend and she got jealous.  Maybe she just likes Eli better now.  Who knows.

Aiden will survive this.  He’s just incredibly sad right now.  (He’s been extra moody lately.  Even his teacher mentioned that he cries easily these days.)  The hardest thing for me is realizing that I can’t protect my son from everything.

There will be real heartbreaks someday.  There will be bullies.  There will be smarter kids that make him feel dumb.  There will be “favorites” when he is not one.  He may get picked last in gym class.  He may not get the trumpet solo in the concert (oh yeah, and he announced that he is no longer a drummer.  He’s a trumpet player).  Life will be full of disappointments that I can’t do anything about.

This is hard for me because I want to protect my baby and have him always be happy.  I want to, but I know it’s not possible.  And that makes me sad.


6 responses to “Broken Heart

  1. awwwwwww….
    poor aiden.

    fear not, he shall never be picked last in gym class. not as long as I’m his aunt! (although he’s definitely not allowed to call me aunt)

    at any rate, what sad thoughts. sure you can’t protect him always, but you can prepare him right?

    I’m so not saying anything more. I’ll let parents say smart stuff now.

  2. The Greatest One may have changed names here, but she’s onto something. Preparation preceeds power. Including power over heartbreaks. I’m sure this will not be his last, and I’m sure he’ll cause a few a well. Either way, I love him–totally [and I wish I could protect my ‘babies’ always, too, but it is not only not realistic, but not even good! see L. 3 –maybe 4 in this years RS & Priesthood manual!]

  3. Well, you can take heart in the fact that he’s socially aware enough to pick up on these things. A lot of boys would be oblivious (which is not always a bad thing). Anyway, sometimes the moms feel the heartbreak more than the kids in these situations. Especially when the kids are so young. As you say, the whole situation will probably change again by tomorrow.

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