Hard to Believe, But…

I. Am. Sunburned.

Here it is, February, and I am already working on my farmer’s tan. It’s only going to get worse. Today I was outside all morning to wash our floor for winterguard (the floor is essentially a giant tarp) so that I can spend all day on Monday painting the floor. Well, not just me. The guard kids were all there today and will be there on Monday, too. Next Saturday we are doing a carwash for a fundraiser. I’m pretty stinkin’ sure I’ll get even more burned on Monday and next Saturday, regardless on whether or not I wear sunblock.

I’m not complaining… too much. It’s gorgeous outside, and I welcome the chance to be out in the sun in shorts and a t-shirt. I’m not bragging, either… too much. I’ve spent many a February freezing as I wear long underwear under my jeans and a scarf tight around my neck. I’ve done my share of shoveling snow, slipping on ice, and being concerned about my hair freezing because I should have gotten up 15 minutes earlier than I did.

I just can’t believe it’s February and I got sunburned today!!

10 responses to “Hard to Believe, But…

  1. Our weather has been like yours–sunny and warm. I’ve been hotter than usual, but then I have this little furnace inside my belly right now…

    I know if I were in your position I would definitly burn even if wearing sunblock. After all, I have 2 colors–white and red!

  2. so what, it was warm here today too.

    and by warm I mean 34 degrees.

    I only wore one jacket!

    (I hate warm weather and like lura only sunburn. cold is good. snow is good. ice is good, except on sidewalks, in which case I fall, which is not so good)

  3. OK, so we had a tiny bit more snow/ice accumilation today than was expected. And quite a bit of snow blowing… but this coming week we are expecting temps in the 40’s and even up to 50 degrees. We’ve had a what, 3 week long intense winter? Actually pretty enjoyable. The benefits of winter, but we had a mild Dec and a mild most of Jan. So how can we really complain? And I am going to learn how to put some pictures on flickr ’cause it has been so absolutely beautiful out!

  4. I’m not sunburnt, but I understand. It was 80 degrees this weekend, but I guess these days I’m not out as much in the sun as I used to be. Temps dropped today and may possibly rain tomorrow — I’ll be sure to send it your way when we’re done with it! (ps: love the new pic of you with baby — so so so so sweet)

  5. Okay, sunburn girl. What’s your point? πŸ˜› If I spent enough time outside I could get a sunburn here too. Just remember elevation has a huge effect on your sun intensity and make sure to use sunscreen! πŸ˜‰

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