Time to Read!

I LOVE the library here!  It’s sooooo big and has sooooo many books.  It has enough copies of each book, too.  Well, for the most part.

I went in yesterday afternoon to  pick up both Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Love Story.  Neither of which were in.  I was so disappointed!  However, I ended up with a stack of other books that will satisfy my until I can make it in again and try to get the books.  This time I got Other Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote (does anyone else find it odd that I have never actually read any Truman Capote??), Summer Sisters by Judy Blume (I grew up with this woman.  Time to read her adult fiction now!), Diary of a Mad Housewife by Sue Kaufman (the title alone made me identify), Until That Good Day by Marjorie Kemper (it just looked good.  We’ll see.), and Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank by Celia Rivenbark (this one is nonfiction and has the subtitle of And Other Words of Delicate Southern Wisdom.  It looks hilarious.).

Man, I love it when I find good books to read!  Oh!  And the coolest thing about the library… you check out your own books.  With this cool scanner thing and a touch screen that makes cool sounds (soft little dings and such).  Very high tech, yet very simple.  And the library has a cafe… IN the library.  I just wanted to buy myself some snacks and sit and read, but Ches was at home with the boys and they were probably waiting for me to come home and make dinner.  Besides, I had already taken longer than I said I would because the post office workers were really really really really slow (your box will be there in 12 days, Erica) and then I had fun browsing in the library allByMyself.  When I left and told Ches I would be gone long, he just laughed at me.  He knew I was going to the library, and if I had my way, I’d be there all night.  I’m the same with bookstores.

Anyway, I have lots of good books to read, so I gotta go.  I’ll tell you about them when I’m done!


7 responses to “Time to Read!

  1. At the library all by yourself?

    This is just the fiction part of your novel, right? That’s not real; no one lives that perfect of a life. I can’t even imagine such a luxury.

    I know! It sounds just to good to be true, huh? But Ches got home, and I pretty much picked up the keys and said, “See ya!”. The last time I went to the library was shortly before Parker was born and I had Aiden and Dallin with me. We saw the kids stuff, and I didn’t have the energy to chase them through the adult section as I tried to find a book.

  2. awww man, 12 days? sheesh.


    I know, that’s nuts, huh? And it still cost something like $26 just to send it. That’s ground transportation and no insurance or delivery comfirmation. I love you, but I just can’t afford to send you a lot of packages. Sorry. I know you’re going to love everything I sent, though! I am The Awesome.

  3. How fun! Our library in Alabama was REALLY awesome like yours. The one we’ve got here is pretty old and low-tech. I haven’t been there in months. That is awesome that you got to go by yourself!!!

  4. p.s. I’m offended i’m not on your list of blogs. I might have to listen to some terrible emo music to get over it. heh.
    and you are offically allowed to use “the awesome” to sign comments on my blog.

  5. I wanted to go to the library. Every week. I figured, living in a small town, it would be easy, right? Little problem. No library in town! Of course we are only 15 minnutes from the Columbus Library–more than one branch. But tat’s driving. Busy roads. Then I discovered the Wagnalls Memorial Library [think Funk & Wagnalls] Oh! I can ride my bike! Theoretically. It is still theoretic. Richard was supposed to take me after school today, but we both forgot. Domani. [Eng translation: tomorow] Sounds like some really good books there. I’m jealous.

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