Growing Up

Aiden is growing up so quickly.  It seems like he is reaching new levels of intellect and maturity everyday.  He just amazes me.

As many of you know, Ches and I have had a dilemna on our hands about what to do with Aiden for kindergarten.  When we were in Nevada, the cut-off date was September 30th, and Aiden’s birthday is September 29th, so he just made it.  No big deal.  Then we moved here to Arizona and we were told the cut-off date was September 1st.  Aiden would just miss going to kindergarten by a few weeks. 

Now, I like to talk about my son and take pride in what he can do, but I try to to brag a whole lot.  However, Aiden is a very bright boy.  Ches and I wanted him to go to kindergarten because academically, he is more than ready.  We weren’t sure about his maturity.  We have been conflicted on whether or not we should appeal and try to get him into kindergarten for next fall.  Again, some people seemed to agree with us that he was ready, so we should try.  Others (most) said no, boys mature later than girls and he won’t like being the youngest in his class, etc.  What to do?  What to do??

Kindergarten registration starts tonight.  So I talked to his preschool teacher and asked her opinion.  She said that academically, he is definitely ready for kindergarten.  She was saying just how smart and bright he is.  And as far as his behavior and maturity, well, not only is he really well-behaved, but he one of the most mature boys of his class!  (Oh, and I also found out he has a little girlfriend, Savannah.  Hee hee)

I reported my findings to Ches.  We felt it was at least worth the effort to appeal for Aiden to start kindergarten in the fall.  I went online to see if there was any information, when I found the announcement that registration starts tonight.  Then I found this wonderful statement:

“All children who turn 5 before January 1, 2008 may be registered for kindergarten.”

Yay!  Aiden’s 5th birthday definitely falls before that new cut-off date!  No appeals necessary!  Aiden will start kindergarten in the fall!

 He’s already excited.  We told him last night that we were going to sign him up tonight, and he did a funny dance around the kitchen, chanting, “Iiiiiii’m going to KIIIIINNNNNNdergarten!  Oh yeah! Oh yeah!  To kindergarten!”

I can’t believe my child will actually be going to school in the fall.  Like I said, he’s growing up.  It’s almost too quickly.  He’s not my baby boy anymore.  I think I might actually cry when I send him off for his first day next year!


3 responses to “Growing Up

  1. How exciting! (and yay! one less thing that requires a fight!) That’s great that everything is falling into place and that his teacher even thinks he’s totally ready.

  2. Here kids can start school at age 3. (Kindergarten is 2 years.) Being a late December boy, mine was 3 when he started and absolutely the youngest in his class. Did I worry? Yes, but needlessly.

    At our school a little boy came from England and they put him in kindergarten, half days, because he was 5. His mother complained. He had been attending school full-days for the past two years in England, so he went into grade one and there was no problem.

    So I honestly don’t think Aiden will have any difficulties whatsoever. It’s so wonderful that he has such enthusiasm for going to kindergarten. He is one SMART cookie.

    Thanks! I kept meaning to email you and get your opinion on the whole thing since we have talked about Aiden’s “smarts” before and you know a lot of what’s in my mind about him. I just got so busy doing everything else in my life, email has taken a backseat, you know? So anyway, thanks for your validation. It really means a lot.

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