The Best Saturday EVER

On Saturday we got a piano.  We were GIVEN the piano.  For free.  You heard me folks.  A free piano.   A teacher that Ches works with offered us their piano just before Christmas because no one in their household was using it anymore, and they just wanted it played.  Ches asked, “How much?” thinking the whole time we couldn’t do it because we have no spare money, no matter how much we want a piano, but the teacher just replied with “Come and get it.  It’s yours.”

We have always had the goal of having a piano by the time our first child was 5 years old.  As the years have passed, that goal seemed to get less and less likely as we have had difficulties in the finances department of our marriage.  Having a piano is important to us, but so is getting out of debt.  In fact, getting out of debt is far more important to us right now.  So this has been a huge blessing to have someone offer us the piano.  I couldn’t be more excited.

Saturday was the big day.  Ches and some guys from church went out to the teacher’s house and picked up the piano.  They brought it home and I immediately played a little ditty.  Aiden and Dallin were at some friends’ house, but the second they got home they just couldn’t contain their excitement.  Dallin started to press down repeatedly on one key, and Aiden said, “It sounds like he wants to play Jingle Bells.”  Dallin then kept playing and started to sing: “Jing beeeeeows!  Jing beeeeeows!”  They love the piano.

I found some of my old piano music and books from college.  I have been working a little from the Czerny book (it’s all 5 finger excercises.  I hate it, but know it’s good for me, too).  I need to find my other piano books.

Our house is filled with the sound of the piano.  Not always the prettiest sound (which is what happens when a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old decide that they are the Next Great Pianist), but a wonderful sound just the same.

I am so happy.


4 responses to “The Best Saturday EVER

  1. I am so happy for you sariah! I felt the same way when my brother gave us a piano… my kids still get excited and M my 6 year old is happily taking piano lessons 🙂

    Yay for music!

  2. Thats so great Sariah. We just have a keyboard and it doesn’t have the full 88 keys but it will be enough for now. We have been offered pianos in the past but unfortunately where we live it is too difficult and tiny an entrance to get a piano in the house so we just deal. I’m happy for you guys.

  3. yay Sariah! That is awesome. When you can’t stand Czerny any more try working on some Hannon. It’s much the same, though the exercises are longer, and I found them a bit more interesting. (I’d take Hannon anyday over Czerny)Some simple Bach is really good to if you want to work on exercises, he is a great way to polish rusty piano skills.

    Have fun!

  4. Hooray!
    We’ve had offers in the past and had to turn them down for similar reasons to Alyson.

    I will have a piano, too. In the meantime, I play on the couch. It’s not as fulfilling, but it doesn’t wake the baby, either.

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