Ice Cream

We went to Dairy Queen tonight for dessert. It was a real treat for all of us, as we rarely go out for anything anymore. Aiden got a vanilla ice cream cone (he says vanilla is his faaaaavorite ice cream in the whoooooooole world). He was very content with what he had, and even let Dallin have a taste. Then, Aiden offered Parker a taste. I told Aiden that Parker is still too little and he doesn’t even know what ice cream is. Aiden’s face lit up as he explained:

“Ice cream is a tasty, cold treat that is delightful and it tastes awesome and is delicious.”

Who could come up with a better explanation than that??


6 responses to “Ice Cream

  1. Awww. He reminds me of somebody in my family. I just love your stories about your boys. They are sooooo cute.

  2. mmmmm, ice cream…

    I don’t have a favourite, it all depends on my mood. Right now I’m working on some chocolate truffle stuff, but I was in a big chocolate mood when I bought it. A good fresh strawberry is nice. And a nice vanilla can sure hit the spot. And I know this sounds gross (my husband could go on about my gross food habits “can you believe my wife puts ketchup on her macaroni? How gross is that? Yep, she’s Canadian.”) but sometimes I like a little bit on cinnamon on top of my vanilla ice cream.

    Now I want vanilla… but the only vanilla in the freezer is sugar-free.

  3. That’s my boy!!
    [Grandma’s get to say that, too.]
    We also get to brag more loudly than parents do, so I’m going to have to cut and paste and share Aiden’s definition.

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