Here We Have Idaho

Tomorrow night at this time I will be in IDAHO!!!!! WOOT!! Laural (Music Mom) gave me the BEST present ever for Christmas and my birthday: a vacation. I fly out tomorrow night to Salt Lake, then up to Preston until Sunday night.

I am so freakin’ excited.

Preston is not the most exciting town (you’ve all seen Napolean Dynamite, right??), but I actually love it. Now that I don’t live there anymore. It’s not the place for me to live. But I love to visit. I have lots of friends and family there now. I have lots of good memories there. It’s where Aiden was born. It’s where Ches had his first job. It’s where I got to party with Laural after the Festival of Lights parades every year. It’s where the kids all called Ches “Mr. Sharp” and called me “Sariah”. It’s where the entire town saw me run across a football field right before the band performed at pregame when I was 9 months pregnant, It’s one of the closest things I have to a hometown right now.

Laural and I have big plans, mainly involving our two favorite men: Ben & Jerry.

Heh. You thought I was going to say Ches and Jody, huh? WRONG!! We love our hubbies, but this is GIRL time. Ches is staying home with Aiden and Dallin, so I truely get a vacation. Isn’t he great? We had the option of haivng Laural come here, and Ches would have loved that because Laural and Ches have been friends longer than Ches and I have known each other (about the same amount of time that Laural and I have been friends), but everyone agreed that I need some pampering, so I get to go to Idaho.

I’m madly doing laundry right now. I don’t fly out until tomorrow evening, so I still have all day to get packed. Which is good. I seriously didn’t do ANY laundry yesterday. Why jinx anything?

I’m going to miss Ches and the two younglings here at home. I look forward to time off, but it will take me a whole 20 minutes to miss them, I’m sure.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Ches will be just fine at home by himself with the kids. He’s a very good dad, and very competent. I’ve had more people ask me if he can handle it. I’ve had so many people express surprise that I would leave Ches for that many days with the kids. Someone said to Ches, “So, you guys will have lots of mac and cheese, huh?” Uh, no.

Believe it or not, Ches is an awesome cook. And he’s very organized and neat. Whenever I have gone away for a few days (happened once when Aiden was almost two and once when Aiden was three and Dallin was almost 7 months old) I came back to a cleaner, more organized house, two happy, healthy, well-fed, and clean kids, and Ches has even been able to do some school work, some trumpet practice, deep-clean some areas of the house, and flowers on the table for me.

He totally shows me up. But he misses me and loves me. It’s okay.

So you won’t hear from me for a few days because I’ll be freezing in the snow of southern Idaho. I couldn’t be happier about it though!!

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