Welcome 2007

Here it is! My first post of 2007. It’s funny that as a kid, 2007 seemed so far away. So far into the future that IF I were alive then, I would be old and gray. Well, I do have gray hair, but I’m certainly not old. Okay, so as a kid 30 seemed really old, so maybe I’m just living up to my childhood expectations. Anyrate…

I was reading a bunch of traditions and superstitions that have to do with the New Year. I made the mistake of reading them a couple of days ago, and while I’m not normally a superstitious person, I have to say some of the stuff freaked me out a little. Like how you shouldn’t do laundry on the first day of the year because then someone will be “washed away” this year, meaning they will die.

Well, duh Sariah! People die. That’s the Circle of Life and all that.

You know how irrational I can be, right? Well, I read that and my mind starts going mad and my imagination kicks in overdrive and suddenly one of my kids is dead in my head. It’s horrible.

I didn’t do any laundry today. Even though I should have done some because I’m going out of town on Wednesday and I don’t want to be stuck doing nothing but laundry all day tomorrow and Wednesday morning. I still didn’t do laundry. Blame the imagination, the crazy way my mind works, the OCD, or the anxiety. I just didn’t want to risk it.

Welcome, 2007! I followed at least one of the rules… Please don’t punish me. I want this to be a great year! I want this to be the year that we get out of debt (or at least mostly out of debt), the year that I become Skinny Sariah again, the year that I am finally a contestant on The Amazing Race, the year that I grow spiritually and intellectually through my own personal study.

I didn’t make those as resolutions, by the way. Why depress myself when I don’t achieve something? New Year’s resolutions never work out. I’ve usually forgotten about them by February 1st (and haven’t been doing anything about them since January 15th!). Instead, I’m just trying to refocus my attention to things I’ve been working on a little bit the past few years anyway and making my focus that much stronger.

It’s January 1st… Ready… Set… GO!!! My mind is refocusing right now. How about yours? Are you refocusing or making resolutions or not changing a thing?


5 responses to “Welcome 2007

  1. Well, in that case… if you shouldn’t do laundry, you probably shouldn’t “wash” anything – like dishes, the bathroom, etc. And that’s EXACTLY why I didn’t yesterday! It’s better safe than sorry, right? lol


  2. I am refocusing, for the same reasons as you, the resolutions seem to get forgotten, or slip away and then all I feel is guilty. Last year I had one resolution that I followed through on well, but even then I wasn’t perfect and that was my waling. I didn’t take into consideration that I can’t walk with sick kids, or that walking during the summer when the kids aren’t in school is nigh impossible, so this year I have done the same as you and said, we’ll make this year better than the last. 🙂

  3. No, no resolutions. In fact, until I sign the first cheque, I hardly even notice that it’s a new year any more. (Maybe I just have too many of them under my belt.)

  4. It is so funny that you mention the washing thing.

    Yesterday a friend called (born and raised in the South…where I think a lot of weird traditions start…haha). Anyway she asked what I was doing and I said that I was in the middle of laundry, just got the dishes done, and was going to go clean the bathroom if the kids gave me a chance. She nearly had a heart attack on the phone. She said in total sincerity that I was cursing my family. I said, “huh?” and she explained the superstition to me. I have *NEVER* heard that before and now I’ve heard it twice!

    Anyway, its funny how that happens 🙂

    (and my family is SOOO doomed this year!!!) 😉

  5. I am also of the mind that Resolutions are evil. I mean, if I really want to change something about myself or something I do, why wait for the new year? Change that day, that second not just on some random day of the year…

    But thats just me 😉

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