How Beauty is Made

Wow. Check this out and let me know if you can think of anything to say besides “wow”. (Guess I’m not the intelligent one in the group if that’s all I can think of!! heh.)


13 responses to “How Beauty is Made

  1. The Photoshop manipulation is what I find saddest. Glamour (makeup) has always been around, but manipulating necks and eyes out of realistic proportions really bothers me. (I’ve seen people’s own photos of their kids where they do that type of thing. Tweak the eyes and such.) It makes me think that people who do that for a living must have a distorted sense of reality — as if a “real” photograph isn’t good enough.

    Think about it, ten or twelve years down the road, someone saying: “This is me as a child. I didn’t really look like that though. My mom knew Photoshop.”


  2. WHY would you photoshop your kids to make them look different? I can’t believe it! That really is sad. I’m sure it would just give the kid a huge complex, too. “Even my mom has always thought I was ugly… enough that she “improved” my pictures with Photoshop.”

  3. Glamour Shots use to be popular when I was in High School (they still might be, I dunno!). They wouldn’t manipulate the photo (as far as I know), but they’d put you in all sorts of make-up and have you pose your face in ways that weren’t natural for the “perfect” shot.

    Several of my friends got photos like that way back when and I never liked those photos. I like people for who they are!! I guess that’s where my defiance in wearing make-up comes from. If people don’t like my face the way it is, that’s THEIR problem 🙂

    I can’t imagine manipulating photos of my own kids! I might change the angles, or take out red-eye, but distorting them to make them look “prettier”—how crazy!!

  4. Dove was the first company to ever have a tv spot during the Superbowl directed only towards women.
    It was wildly successful.

  5. I appreciate Dove’s campaign about real women. Skillful use of make-up is fine [OK, so I only do it for really special events] And it is always nice to feel that your hair looks good, but the photoshopping really iritated me as well.

    Just bbeing told all my life that I look exactly like my father’s moter [quite a homely woman–as everyone said] gave me enough of a complex. I agree with sariah on te photoshop changes.

  6. I wonder how models feel when they do all the exersize and what not then see all that happen. No wonder ‘stars without makeup’ is such a shock.

  7. I like wearing makeup and I really do think I look better with my makeup on and my hair done but I can’t imagine the whole photoshop thing. That’s just wrong. She already looked beautiful before the photoshop edits.

    I really like Dove’s commericals it really helps to remind us women that we’re all beautiful in our own way. They even showed a woman with stretch marks and a c-section scar.

  8. I have no problem with women wearing makeup. I like to occationally as I like to feel more feminine and glamourous at times. But seriously, it can be taken WAY too far, as shown by this. Wow. I know photoshop, but I can’t imagine using it to doctor photos of yourself or your family. I only use it to doctor pictures for my designs.

    Geez, like that commercial pointed out, it’s no wonder so many have a distorted view of real beauty.

  9. All I could feel was jealousy.

    I mean, with all those advantages print models get, what hope is there for the rest of us to ever feel anything less than inferior? Where’s my make-up artist? Where’s my photoshop editor (to follow me around in real life and adjust my posture and open my eyes…)?

  10. i’m glad i clicked on the link. otherwise, i was gonna say,

    “so that’s what the kids are calling it these days.”

  11. lol! at Fourth Fret 🙂 I agree a lot with what has been said before, especially what Karen said. It’s one thing to do all the makeup and hair, but to create something that isn’t real at all with photo-shop just seams wrong. I find natural beauty the most beautiful, though I don’t mind make-up (when it is done nicely and blends in) and wear it myself when I want to look especially nice for something.

  12. SARIAH! you didn’t update last friday. and now it’s been like 1.5 weeks since an update. you’re messing up my blog checking schedule, dude. now, if you want that killers cd, I fully expect an update soon. :P!

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