I Have Work Enough To Do

If you didn’t do the job you have now, what would you do instead? Or what are things you have seriously considered for jobs? Or maybe not seriously considered, but thought for a fleeting moment that it’d be cool? Here are some of my “dream jobs”, or just “heh, that’d be fun” jobs:

1. English literature teacher in honors classes in high school
2. Sign language interpreter
3. Flight attendant
4. Undercover cop in a high school
5. Waitress at the Hard Rock Cafe
6. Famous columnist
7. A writer for the evening news
8. Studio musician for Disney
9. Broadway musical pit orchestra member
10. Conductor of the Boston Pops
11. Novelist
12. Extra on a movie set
13. Cake decorator
14. Wedding planner
15. Choreographer and instructor for a drum corps’ color guard
16. Professional dancer
17. Model
18. Artist
19. Graphic design artist
20. Bass player in a really cool band

**Edit** Here are a few more that I forgot to put on here. Don’t ask me why I forgot. I guess I needed a little memory jog and I got that from talking to some of you or reading your blogs and comments.

21. Studio photographer
22. Professional student
23. Something in a bookstore
24. Interior designer
25. Photo journalist


5 responses to “I Have Work Enough To Do

  1. Thats quite the list sariah! How fun.
    I think we only had a couple in common. I’ll just list what my dream jobs are.

    Musician in the Disney Orchestra
    Boston Pops Musician
    Underwater Photographer
    Wedding Planner
    Regular Photographer
    Marine Biologist
    Professional Student

    those are all I can think of right now. 😉

  2. spelunker
    commercial critic (yes, i mean real television commercials- i don’t know if there is such a thing)
    ice cream taster

  3. I always wanted to dance in a cage in a nightclub. I don’t know what the job title for that would be. Nightclub cage dancer? I sort of gave up on the idea when I got married though.

  4. I must be tired. I read Abq Mom’s 3’d dream job as “underwear photographer” Wow, that’s a weird dream!! 😉

    Those are great dream jobs that you have Sariah!

  5. Wow, Sariah, Who knew? [Well, some of them I did.]
    Mine are simple:

    HS Theatre teacher
    Airline pilot. [but when I was a kid, that was illegal, so I gave up on it.]

    Got pretty close on the other tho!

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