Are you bored? I won’t admit it if I am… I don’t have time to be bored, what with three little boys to chase after and a house to clean. However, if I ever had the chance and might end up a little bored, I would check out this site. Lots of fun. (Not that I would know. I’m too busy to be bored!!)


4 responses to “Bored?

  1. i checked out that site and played the life of brain. it turns out i’m really the suck at reading directions. i counted ALL the letters MULTIPLE TIMES at the end before realizing i just had to count the i’s and a’s. i wasn’t even bored.

  2. My eyes just went all googly–like cartoon eyes at the screen. And I gave up. I miss the boys![hear me wail!] [And the adults, too]

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