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I am so completely appalled by this news story that I don’t think I can write an actual post about it. It just makes me so upset, and I can only say the tired cliche of Some People should never have children. Ever. I mean, honestly, does this woman have any kind of common sense, or does she even care for her child?? That baby is the same age as Parker. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best mom (in fact, I left him in his carseat in the living room because he’s asleep and i didn’t want to deal with getting him out and probably waking him up and I wanted to eat lunch in peace… so he’s still strapped into the carseat right now. At least I didn’t leave him in the car, right???). However, as bad a mom that I think I am, I can’t imagine using my own tiny, fragile baby as a physical weapon!! I hope this woman never gets to see this baby — or the other 4 children taken out of the house — ever again. I hope all five children will find people who truely love them and care for them and would never consider putting them in danger. That, my friends, is being a parent.


9 responses to “News Story

  1. I’m ill at the thought. No Sariah, you are not a bad mother. You have three wonderful boys who are well-loved and well-cared for and growing up to be intelligent and polite. Instead of focusing on how that makes you different from her I think I’ll just stick to being happy that three wonderful boys are lucky to have you as their mother.

  2. Yikes! That is just WRONG. Oh, by the way, don’t feel bad about the car seat, I did it all the time, in fact sometimes when my kids were being fussy they actually slept better in the carseat, and I’d put them there rather than their crib. Especially when they had bad colds, ’cause then their heads were slightly elevated and they seemed to breathe better, etc.

  3. How very sad. It seems to me to be the opposite of this postcard on Post Secret.

    A big tough man was so afraid of being too rough with or dropping his baby.

    I hope that baby from the news story is okay.

  4. Wow.

    Sariah, you’re not a bad mom. All you’ve got to do to be a good mom is love your kids. And you do. That much is obvious.

    Some people shouldn’t be biologically capable of reproducing.

  5. Sariah you have to remember that most of the people who read your blog love you. Therefore we will dispute until our faces turn blue or purple the fact that you are a fabulous mother. You love your children which is more than some… etc.

    Oh, and I like Julia also did the car seat thing. My doctor told me it was fine as long as they still slept in a crib 🙂

  6. I know I would never swing an infant around as a weapon. I also wouldn’t drive with my child sitting on my lap (sorry Brit Brit) or dangle my child over a balcony, but I can’t help but think thank goodness there are not any paparazzi around when I am being less than perfect. I wonder how the news story would go then?

  7. I am absolutely disgusted that someone could sink as low as to use their baby to ward off their boyfriend. That poor baby, and the other children in the household had to witness that I’m sure.

    Sariah you are a wonderful mother, you do so much for them and are truly a caring individual.

    I like you and GoofyJ and April would let the baby sleep in the carseat. It was so much better than trying to get them out and move them to the crib only to have them wake up and realize they were hungry. And in those first few months they really seem to sleep better in the carseat anyway.

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