Rnodam Fidary

Okay, so you know how I said I could have sworn there was another pack of diapers but I couldn’t find them and then Mr. Universe showed just how awesome he is by going to the store for me? Well, there was another pack of diapers!! I found them yesterday. Sitting in my room. Just not where they belonged. I showed the pack to Ches, and all he said was, “And you blogged for nothing then.” Hmph. I can blog about your awesomeness any stinkin’ time I want, Mr. Universe. So there!! It wasn’t for nothing!


Aiden got this for his birthday. His cousins loved it, he loves it, his little brother loves it. Dallin knows how to turn it on now. He asks for it by saying “stars?!?!” and once you turn it on, he looks up with a huge smile and whispers “Wow!” This was a great present. The boys don’t need a nightlight anymore and Aiden hasn’t once asked us to leave the hall light on since he got this. It’s a lot softer of a light than it looks in the picture. Once both boys are asleep, we turn the light off. I highly recommend this product to anyone with children.


I haven’t looked at Karen‘s gardening blog in a while, but I took a few minutes to look yesterday. I saw all the before and after pictures of your backyard, Karen, and now I’m wondering how much it’ll set me back to have you fly out here and help us landscape our backyard! You did such a gorgeous job. I mean, I’ve seen pictures, just not quite all that you have on there. So I guess I’m saying I’m super impressed and I want to be Karen right now.


Hey, so what every happened to the Weekly Anemesis (did I spell that right??). I never participated as a writer, but I enjoyed reading what my friends had written. It seems like all of a sudden it just stopped. Do you need a new prompt? Because I’ll give you one. Like, uh…


Yeah, that’s a good one. You have one week to write from the prompt word “First”. Good luck, have fun, and all that jazz. Or, just ignore my prompt and let me know why you aren’t writing these anymore. I’m just curious.


Did you all hear about the Utah bride who was kidnapped by her parents last month right before her wedding so she wouldn’t get married? Crazy stuff. ABQ and I were chatting about it the other day. Seems like her parents are a bit confused about things, especially if the reason they didn’t want their daughter to get married had nothing to do with the groom. Oh, and I don’t think the link I gave you mentions it, but the couple did get married on Aug. 8th, and they are already expecting their first baby in May. Talk about your honeymoon baby!! Wow.


Does anyone know why my sidebar (with my picture, profile, and list of links, etc.) is now down at the bottom of the page? When I did my “Love Thursday” post a week or two ago, it suddenly changed where the sidebar went. I figured that since it put itself there, it may fix itself, but that hasn’t happened, and I don’t know how to do it. Yes, I am a computer dunce. So if you could let me know how to fix it in easy to understand instructions, I would appreciate it! 🙂


I have gotten a little addicted to the show Project Runway. Wednesday night was their “reunion” show for season three (the finale is this coming Wednesday night on Bravo). There were some arguements and such, as there is in any of these reality show reunion episodes. There was also the regular joking around, and the cast was teasing Tim Gunn (this really talented fashion guy who helps the contestants here and there) about his use of language. They said he uses all these “big” words that no one understands. Now, not all of the words are ones I am familar with (faux bois), and one phrase he used (sturm and drang) I am only familiar with because of my music history courses, but for the most part they showed clips of Tim using these words that just confused everyone and I didn’t think they were such odd words. Words like “mitigate”. Or “caucus” (although I guess some people might get a little confused when it is not used in a strictly political sense). And “consternation”. Hmmmm.

It seems that as a whole, our society does not use these “big” words anymore, and people just don’t have a wide vocabulary. I’m not a good example of a large vocabulary, and I know that, but I understand a lot more than most people, I guess. I didn’t think I did until I watched this and realized that no one had a clue what this intelligent man was actually saying. It’s nuts!


I just got the call from Laural… Congrats to Laural and family on their new baby girl, Sophia!!! I can’t wait to see pictures!


Quote of the day:
Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid.
–Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) in Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


2 responses to “Rnodam Fidary

  1. That’s so funny about the diapers — see, you aren’t really losing your mind!

    As for the anamnesis, I know that I stopped for a number of reasons. The first was that with the change in leadership (the original leader had to focus on her dissertation) came a change in the prompts and I found a hard time being inspired. It was also in the midst of the tummult chez nous so I blame my own self-absorption on my lack of inspiration. Then when I did visit the site there had been some technical changes that disallowed me to view the comments or click on the links. That was the end for me. Finally a few weeks ago I deleted the link from my blog and gave up on the anamnesis altogether.

    But I do miss the memories. Maybe I can do something more, again.

    As for your sidebar, that happened to me once. It’s because your pictures expand beyond the specified borders. When I had that problem I just made my pictures smaller and reposted. But I’m pretty sure Karen and Mike can help you extend your format (I seem to recall Karen doing just that.)

    Congrats to Laural! (I was really starting to wonder…)

  2. Dude, people are stupid. So in debate, you can’t use random facts that no one knows about, right? If you do, then it’s call specific knowledge and you get docked points (if those who called it such were right).
    Last weekend, a team tried to call BU’s use of the electorial college in an arguement as spec knowledge. Yeah, because the average student shouldn’t know that? Ahhhg.

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