Our Weekend

As many of you know, we had quite the full weekend this past weekend. My brother, Vince, came down from Idaho with his wife and daughter (Tanya and Chloe), and my sister, Lura, came out from San Diego with her husband and son (Jesse and Jago). My mom came back with Lura, and my father was even able to fly out from Boise. It was a really special weekend with Aiden’s birthday on Friday, lots of fun family time on Saturday, and Parker’s blessing (as well as my mom’s birthday!) on Sunday. We took a lot of pictures, and I will share a few here (and hopefully get the rest on Flickr some time today). Here are some of the pictures to give an illustrated version of the weekend:

Uncle Jesse and Aiden

Aiden opening the last of his presents

Jago is such a cutie!!

Mmmmm! Dallin loves the birthday cake!

Grandpa, Jesse, Ches, Parker, Vince

Lura, Vince, Sariah


4 responses to “Our Weekend

  1. How close in age are Dallin and Jago? They seem very similar.

    Oh, and like PM, I’m exhausted for you. Sounds like a VERY busy weekend.

  2. Hey Sariah, remember when I lived in the same ward as Vince? Well, I thought he was someone else! Now that I have seen a picture of him I feel bad for thinking he was stand offish, I mean, the guy I thought he was- was very stand offish, but it wasn’t your brother! Lol!

  3. We have such a good looking family!

    Karen: Dallin is 4 1/2 months older than Jago. Our niece, Chloe, is only a couple of weeks older than Dallin. I love having them all so close in age!

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