rAndOm frIdAY

Happy 4th birthday, Aiden!


Dallin got a hair cut again on Wednesday. He looks like a boy again, which is nice. I get tired of people saying how cute SHE is. Yes, because I would dress my little girl in total boy clothes… for church! Anyrate, I know that he is very pretty. He got his dad’s beautiful dark brown eyes and long eyelashes. Combine that with long, soft hair (long for a baby, anyrate), and he looks like a girl. However, he is most definitely a boy!! So the haircut is nice.


My favorite number is 3. I’m not sure why. When I was really young, I played soccer. My first year was on a team in Southern California, and we were called the Grape Apes (don’t ask me why we chose that name. I don’t really remember, but we liked it at the time. And we wore purple uniforms). We actually were a very good team… we got second place in our division. Or something. I don’t remember how it works! When we got our uniforms, however, we were allowed to pick which number we wanted, and for some reason I felt I had to have number 3. When we moved to another state, I had to fight for it, but I got number 3 when I joined a new soccer league. If you make me guess a number, any number, between 1 and 10, I usually pick 3. It’s my favorite number. Maybe because it’s sacred in nature. Maybe because it symbolized the close relationship between my brother, sister, and me. Maybe because I couldn’t count any higher (not really!!). I still like 3 the best of all.


Why do some people feel it is necessary to play their car stereos so loud that you can clearly understand every single foul word coming from the rap song and you can feel the bass shake your house windows and even make your heart beat a little faster? And why does it usually happen in the middle of the night?


I have family in town, so I can’t spend a whole lot of time on the computer right now. So this is pretty much all you’re getting for Random Friday today. Sorry. Stay tuned for next week… it might be better. Then again, it might not.


Oh, no one told me any of their favorite songs that I should add to my Required Guitar Repertoire List (please see last Friday’s RF post). So go back and read that little bit, then let me know what you think. And don’t suggest “Stairway to Heaven”. This is not an electic guitar. It’s an acoustic. Well, a classical, but same difference.


Quote of the Day:
The world is a difficult world, indeed,
And people are hard to suit,
And the man who plays on the violin
Is a bore to the man with the flute.
–Sir Thomas Beecham


8 responses to “rAndOm frIdAY

  1. I like your quote. Not that I have a violin or a flute, but you know.

    It won’t hurt Dallin to be mistaken for a girl. My brother was all the time (it was the 70s, everybody had long hair). He is not the least bit scarred by it. Of course, we all just laughed whenever it happened, including him, so maybe that’s why.

    (I guess it’s kind of hard to laugh at people when you’re at church, though.)

  2. Happy Birthday Aiden. I’ll be careful not to say it too loud Will might get jealous it’s not his birthday yet.

    I think it’s okay for boys to be pretty. I tried for awhile to grow Will’s hair out, but I just couldn’t stand it anymore. So I buzz it (to a decent length).

    3 happens to be my favorite number as well. At least when sports and uniforms are concerned. On my ward sports team I wore the #3 and I was also referred to as 3. “Hey Three, good to see you!”. My high school basketball team uniform I got to be 33. A girl that had been varsity a few years longer than I had got to be 3. I was happy with 33 though.

    Yay for family visiting. Have a great time with them.

    I think songs that you should add to your classical guitar repetoire would be songs from the Primary Hymnbook. “Give said the little stream” “Popcorn popping on the apricot tree”. Those would be good. I’ll have to think on it some more.

  3. hope you guys had a great party. did a spaceship land on your house? if not, you should have a do over. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDEN!! 4 wow they get big fast.
    My favorite number is 3 also. Cant tell you why I just love that number.

  5. Happy belated birthday to Aiden. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to watch it with Jacob’s hair because it is sooo curly. He is all boy, but if I let those curls get too long. . . . watch out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Happy (be-lated) Birthday, Aiden! and Yay for Dallin’s haircut!

    Sorry I don’t have more to say, but you know how it is sometimes… brain too busy making a biosphere to make words.

  7. My favorite number is 7. I’ve always liked 3 too (I think because of the spiritual stuff with it), but I really like 7. From what I understand it’s supposed to represent perfection.

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