Love Thursday

I just had to add a photo for this Love Thursday thing that everyone seems to be doing. I don’t know about the link thing, so I’m just putting up the photo.

This is Mr. Universe and our first little star in December, 2004. Aiden wants to be just like his dad so much of the time, so when Ches was practicing his trumpet at home over Christmas break, Aiden found the trumpet ornament for the tree (that we typically use instead of a star or angel on the top) and had to play along. Ches was doing scales and arpeggios and such, and Aiden would just sing along. I love my trumpet players, and they sure love each other!!


6 responses to “Love Thursday

  1. Hey Al, remember that Christmas when it was Tweedle D with a “trumpet” and he HAD to practice with “Unca Chessey”?? I think he must have been the same age as Aiden was in this picture. Our kids are awesome, huh? 😉

  2. All of kids do the same or similar, and it is such a hoot! I need to take pictures of them one of these days (I don’t know if I have pics) 🙂

    I love your love Thursday photos and post 🙂

  3. This is such a great picture. Will likes to play piano with daddy and loves when daddy plays songs from Little Einsteins on his violin. He’ll tell Shane “that’s from Little Einsteins!” totally surprised that daddy would know those songs. 😉

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