Baby You Can Drive My Car

I got my Arizona driver’s license yesterday. The wait time actually wasn’t that long, and I didn’t have to take a test or anything. Just fill out a form, pay my $25, and turn in my Nevada license. I had fixed up my hair all special, but it was doing all sorts of strange flippy things… so it just looks ridiculous. I had put on my makeup and think I looked really nice, but those cameras aren’t always the best, and my face looks a lot pinker than my neck. I had to change my shirt at the last minute before we left because I’m a klutz and I spilled pizza sauce on my shirt, so I ended up wearing a white t-shirt and white tends to make me look washed out (except that I have a pink face) and freaky. I made a face at my picture as soon as I saw it, and Mr. Universe just kind of laughed. He said, “Driver’s license pictures are never supposed to look good.” He’s right, I know, but I tried anyway.

While filling out the form, it asked for my weight. HA! I just had a baby 11 days earlier! What is my weight? How should I know? I hope to get a lot smaller than this, but I put down 145.


I got my first license at the age of 15. In Arkansas, at the time I don’t know how it is now, of course), you had to take a written test before you could get a permit. Then you had to wait a certain period of time before you could take the driving test. I had to take the written test twice. That was pretty common. After three times of failing the written, you weren’t allowed to take it again for another set period of time. Oh, and once you failed the first time, you had to wait I think a week before you caould take the test again.

Once I had my permit, I got to practice driving a lot. My mom taught me, mostly. At that time, in Arkansas, you weren’t required to take driver’s ed, and our particular insurance wasn’t going to give any discounts or anything for it, so I didn’t take it. I didn’t have the time or the money anyway.

Anyway, after I passed my driving test (which the tester said I was an excellent driver, by the way), and my best friend, Susan, passed hers, my Mom took us over to the DMV to get our new licenses. I had a bad perm that was growing out, so my hair was kind of long, frizzy, and pretty much parted in the middle. I was wearing a long-sleaved denim shirt, and a cool necklace with turquoise beads on it. I wore my round framed glasses (very John Lennon, but bigger frames). I stood exactly where I was supposed to, and the woman said in a very bored voice, “Okay, on the count of three… One… Two… *click*!” The camera flashed and I was dumbfounded.

“What happened to three??” I looked around, but no one would answer my question. It was like a cruel joke. I wasn’t smiling yet because I was waiting for three so I wouldn’t look too forced!!

After about 10 minutes, I was handed my brand new, very first driver’s license. I looked first at the picture. I looked like a hippy… a very unhappy hippy with crooked glasses. Not my best moment.


I have held driver’s licenses in several states since then… California, Idaho, Nevada… but nothing is as memorable as your first.

My new license is pretty cool. My picture does look a little freaky, but what can you expect? It has all the vital information on it. I am an organ donar. I am registered to vote (and I had a hard time deciding what to put down for a particular party! I finally wrote down Republican, but I don’t know if I really consider myself that. I don’t consider myself a Democrat, either, so I guess maybe I should have written “Independent”. Ches left his blank because he can never remember which party is which). Oh, and you want to know the expiration date on my license?



10 responses to “Baby You Can Drive My Car

  1. 2041? Are you serious? You don’t have to renew your license until you are 64? (I think I added that up right?) Wow that’s incredible!

    As far as the pics go, I believe that it’s something in the camera, because no matter how hard you try to look good, you almost never do. At least I don’t. Maybe I should take that as a hint about me. hmmmmm…..

    Congratulations! Now you just need to get off your meds so you can drive! 🙂

  2. Sariah, how could you?! You left out the part when the testor said that I could bring him more kids to test anytime, because you did so very well, and Susan was more than adequat [of course, I had to re-teach her because of the bad habits she’d picked up from her Dad–Sorry, Jim, but it’s true.] So don’t just brag on yourself here…and I thought that first picture was kinda cute[OK, weird, but cute in its own way 🙂 ]

  3. My washington driver’s permit didn’t look all that great. My dad woke me up and said “you’re getting your permit today”, I had no make up on I hadn’t taken a shower, I wasn’t too happy.

    My dad totally made a big deal about passing the tests the first time. I wasn’t his daughter if I didn’t!

    I totally loved Arizona driver’s licenses! Your one license is good until you’re 64 or 65, I can’t remember. You will be old and still look young in your picture if you stay there that long!

    I still have all my driver’s licenses, I kinda liked my pictures. My New Mexico license expires in January, I don’t WANT to change the picture!

  4. They ask you to declare a party affiliation when you register to vote? Whoa! Was there a checkmark for “none of your business”?

    (Sorry, I probably don’t understand the system properly. That seems seriously messed up to me. But what do I know? I’m a Canadian.)

  5. Karen, in the primaries they have a convoluted (sorry, my opinion), sophisticated (nope, I just can’t say that), complicated system where you can only vote on your “party” ballot. You can only vote for people within your party and for issues related to the party.

    Sariah, Paul checked “independent” when we registered to vote out here. When he voted in the primaries his ballot was full of Independent measures and people — none of which he knew, of course, because they all pertained to the Independent Party. It was a mess. I don’t know why some of the states do it that way.

    Dana, they let you keep your old licenses? I always had to surrender my old ones at the new DMVs (which made me sad because I really liked my Hawaii license.)

    64. That’s hilarious. “Will you still need me? Will you still let me drive? When I’m 64.”

  6. My driving test I took was very short. I was driivng a Suzuki jeep and I think she was scared to get in it. It was pretty old. She never tested the horn, which they are supposed to do, and good thing too…it didn’t always work. I guess it was meant to be. BTW, I renewed my license this week and it cost $65 and expires in 5 years. I think it is time to move south.

  7. Actually, it expires on my 65th birthday.

    You have to check a party to vote for certain things in that party in the primary elections, but after those you can vote however and for whoever you want. At least they don’t put ON my license “Republican” or something. I really would have left it blank. I hate to be labeled politically when I really don’t know WHAT I am.

    Mom, of course you think that picture was cute. You also liked my one senior picture where I’m not smiling and I look like the world’s biggest snob. Okay, then again, everyone liked that picture. But I meant that you ALWAYS like the wierd photos of me.

    Dana, you DL picture sounds like my Ricks yearbook picture. I’ll have to tell you about that later.

    Madhatter… we are counting down the days until you come. Well, we would, if we knew if and when you were coming. We keep hoping!!

  8. When I got my license in CA it was a great picture. I’m not talking a great picture for a license, but a great picture period. However, less than a year later I got married and changed my name and had to get a new one and this picture is aweful.

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