The Ideal Picture

Yesterday was such a great holiday for me. In the late afternoon, Mr. Universe set out and filled up the wading pool for the boys. I got them in their swimming trunks, helped them find some water toys, and outside we went. I sat on the patio in a comfy “camping” chair, reading a book and watching the boys. Mr. Universe cooked up some steaks on the grill. Not long before the steaks were ready, I chased the boys around the yard with the hose, trying out the new spray nozzle and all it’s features. We were all laughing a lot.

It was a perfect evening for all of us. I love having a backyard. I love having a grill. I love my family and having fun evenings like that most of all.


11 responses to “The Ideal Picture

  1. If I wasn’t so envious I might just congratulate you. just kidding. Hope you enjoy living our life out there in Arizona. I still have yet to find someone elses life to take over.

  2. What a perfect summer day. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time just in your own backyard. Why go anywhere else when you can have all the fun you want and need right there in your own backyard.

  3. sounds like a perfect day! I love it when we get to all be outside, working or playing and just being happy. The kids tend to be a little less of a hassle when we are in our backyard. It’s great.

    I hope you have many more adventures in your backyard, with all three of your kids!

  4. Oh that sounds so blissfull, from what I can imagine.

    Someday… someday…

    In the meantime I’d like to live vicariously through you, keep those stories coming!

  5. You paint such a sweet picture of your life, Sariah. I like the peeks I get of your happiness. Makes me feel like there are normal, happy people in the world.

    How you feeling today?

  6. Mmm, steak. That sure is the life, isn’t it? It’s already too cold here to enjoy a wading pool (not that we would, but, you know). Glad you’re enjoying your new venue.

  7. Its good to see that some are still enjoying life to the full and getting with things mundane but happy. Keep up the good work mothers are 24/7 and need lots of commendation. Good on you Sariah.

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