Random Friday

That’s right folks! It’s the return of Random Friday. It’s been a busy few weeks, so I apologize for not giving you what you want. Well, I don’t know if you want it, but I’ll give it anyway. It’s my blog, dang it. I can write whatever I want. You don’t like it, leave.

Wait. Don’t leave. I like readers and comments!! Don’t leave!!! I’m sure we can find something here that you would like to read! I promise!!


Moving to a whole new city is hard. You have to figure out new gorcery stores, where the best bargains are, which street goes in which direction, and what radio stations are best to listen to.

When we lived here five years ago, I had one station that I loved so much, I never switched the radio. Not even during commercial breaks. I don’t remember what that station was even called, and I haven’t found it yet. Mr. Universe set all the stations in our van, and there are really only a couple that I really like. It’s frustrating to me. I like one kind of music, he likes another. Of course, we have two little boys, begging for their own stuff. I’m surprised I even get to listen to the radio!!


Last night we had an Enrichment Meeting. The theme was “Chocolate… Not just a breakfast food.” We had “Chef Tara” come in and demonstrate how to make some really yummy chocolate treats, then of course we got to eat all the treats. It was soooooo good! We made chocolate cups with chocolate mousse and a chocolate ganache, which was poured over either pound cake or chocolate cake (I had mine with the chocolate cake). In the Great Cooking Spirit (Chef Tara’s favorite phrase!!), Tara also showed us some different things you can do with the ganache, mousse, and the chocolate cups, and she showed us some “plateing” ideas. (That would be the fancy presentations that you are able to go to a fancy restaurant and have this dessert and pay an arm an a leg for.)

Chef Tara has a food blog, which you can find here. Check it out. She was really good, super nice, and a lot of fun.


Julia‘s kids seem to take after her so well. Apparantly my kids feel that they shouldn’t be outdone by the Goofy kids’ antics, so we have a few episodes that make my boys look very abused.

The other day Aiden was playing on his bed as I changed Dallin’s diaper. Aiden suck his pillow over his head and was jumping around, laughing the whole time, until he fell against the wall. His face struck the edge of the window sill, and right away I could see a long, purple line going down his cheek. After a bit of comforting, I noticed his cheek was starting to really swell, so he got to hold an ice pack on his face. The swelling went down without any problems, but he still has a huge bruise across his cheek. Each day it gets better, but Ches says that with his new buzz cut and the bruise combined, Aiden looks like a little bully.

This morning I was helping the kids out of the van. Normally Aiden grabs a hold of my arm and jumps out, but something happened and I didn’t have him like I thought. My hands were too full. So Aiden thought he was secure and jumped. He landed face down on the concrete. Poor kid! His knee is completely black and blue, and luckily he only got one little scratch, so I put an all-magical Batman Band-Aid on his knee, gave him a cup of milk, and lots of hugs, kisses, and apologies. When I took him to preschool about a half hour later, he was totally fine.

So yes, we are trying to catch up to Julia’s kids. I don’t know why they feel the need of this competition! It’s certainly not necessary, but competition happens, I guess.


In our new ward (church congregation), the new rule is that you can’t move in unless you are a musician. We have many musicians (of all ages) in the ward already, then we moved in. The next week we got a newlywed couple, and she is here to start her doctoral program in music ed. We have another guy I heard about that is also getting his doctorate in music, and he and his wife (who I guess teaches at BYU) split what weekends they spend where. Or something like that. So, yeah. The new “rule” is that you can’t move into the ward unless you are a musician. Sounds fair to me! 😉


Guess what? I only have like 4 weeks or something left until this baby comes. WO-HOOOOOO!!!!

I better get the house unpacked so we have a place to put the baby.

Oh, and still no names. Sorry. Although I keep calling him Rupert (sorry Mom, but I can’t even use Xerxes as a joke. Too horrible). We’ll tell you for sure once he comes.


Dallin’s newest favorite activity? Sweeping. He will find a broom and start sweeping the floor for us, saying in a high pitched voice, “Seep seep seep!!”


Quote of the day:
It is never too late to give up your prejudices.
–Henry David Thoreau


8 responses to “Random Friday

  1. I like the name Rupert, but I don’t guess that it is a real choice for you. Glad to have you back doing “Random Friday” posts again, Sariah!

  2. HAPPY RANDOM FRIDAY! I’m so glad you’re getting back to normal so we can get our RF fixes…

    I can’t believe your “only musicians” rule, we’re one of those wards where every Mormon girl that DIDN’T learn piano lives. It’s difficult. We could really use an influx of musicians (or even just one more pianist!)

  3. KMLE country 108 is one of my favorites, but I think Tim and Willie, the two best morning show personalities, moved to KIXX (or something like that). There was KJZZ for the good jazz and KTAR for news, talk and the Phoenix Suns. That is all I remember. After all, it has been a while.

  4. We could use a few more musicians and singers in our ward. Especially more people who can play the organ! We have recently lost a few key (no pun intended) music people due to them moving out of the ward. Our ward choir is suffering greatly from lack of voices. Our RS Pianist has been in for quite a while and I wouldn’t even know whose names to submit to the Bishop if I have to think of another one!

  5. Yay random Friday! It has been good to have your blog going again, I was missing reading it there for a while. 🙂 Just don’t tell my kids that yours are competition, I really don’t need it to get worse! 🙂 heh

  6. Yay for random friday!! Our ward has a CRAZY amount of musicians too! I guess that’s natural in Nashville. There are at least 5 people in the ward who either have record contracts, or are on the verge of it. And beyond that there is just crazy talent in our ward. There are also a ton of soon-to-be doctors in our ward. So I guess if the musicians hurt their vocal cords they’re all set 😉

    Yay for only having 4 weeks left in the pregnancy!! WOOHOO!! haha

  7. I’m trying hard to remember my favorite radio station when I was in phoenix. I want to say it was 103.3 or something like that. But unfortunately I can’t remember.

    I love your “musician’s only” ward. Thats really kinda funny. Our ward has a lot of musical talent (and a lot of doctors) but I’m seem to be having a hard time cornering those musicians for musical numbers for church!

    Yay for only 4 more weeks of pregnancy!

  8. bMomma Bear, We’re with you. We have musical people in our Ward, but we just do not have organists! We do have a couple doctors, a coiuple dentists and a whole range of everything else. We also have a healthy supply of retirees–something I’d not seen much of in VA where we just had dental students. Yay for musicians! [And parents who supported them to become so:)

    I don’t like the sound of this UNhealthy competition, girls!

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