I gave Aiden a haircut today. For the first time….

I gave Aiden a haircut today. For the first time. I don’t know how to cut hair, actually, so this was a big deal.

Many years ago (in our first year of marriage), Mr. Universe thought it would be a good idea to buy a nice set of hair clippers and I would learn how to cut his hair. That way we could save a little money. Not much, but a little, anyway. The first time I tried to cut his hair, he kept telling me what I was doing wrong. I was getting frustrated, and I didn’t want to give him an absolutely horrible haircut, so finally I gave up. I went to our neighbors and asked the wife if she knew how to cut hair.

“No way!” she replied. “I tried to cut Matt’s hair and he got all upset so I won’t do it. ” We then enlisted Matt to come over and finish off the Mr. Universe’s haircut. I have not attempted to cut his hair since. He doesn’t mind getting the $8 cheap hair cut (most of the time!), so that’s what we do instead.

About two years ago, when we had first moved to Reno, we decided that if we worked together, we could cut Aiden’s hair. Aiden was always really good when we took him, but doing it by ourselves turned out to be a very traumatic experience. Ches and I ended up yelling at each other, the haircut was horrible, and we took Aiden to a “professional” to fix it. He likes going to the “hair cutting store” (as he calls it) and being a big boy. When he does well, they give him a balloon. He loves that. So I’ll spend a few bucks to get that done.

Aiden’s hair has been growing and growing, and he has really needed a haircut. Because of this heat, I thought he might like a nice buzz cut, and I know I can do that! Well, I’m pretty sure. I finally convinced Aiden to let me try, and if he didn’t like it, I would take him to the hair cutting store to get it fixed.

This morning, Aiden asked for the hair cut. I buzzed his head. I was so nervous, but I couldn’t let that show! Well, Aiden is very pleased with the new ‘do, but I don’t like it. I miss his longer hair already. He almost looks bald because all the darker, redder hair was cut off and he’s back to being mainly a blonde. Combine that with his really light eyebrows and his pale skin, and I think he looks a little freaky. Oh well. It’s only hair, and his grows fast!! In about a week or two it should be more normal looking.

Oh, and Ches doesn’t yet know I did this. Boy is he going to be in for a shock when he gets home from work! I’m trying to decide if I dare to Dallin’s hair now.

Note: I took some pictures, but the camera battery died. Once I find the other batteries, I will add the pictures to this post.


11 responses to “I gave Aiden a haircut today. For the first time….

  1. We did that with our older boy and he looked like a chemo patient. The pics are pretty good. Now I do my own cuts and Mrs. Wonderful cleans up the neck. We bought the clippers 8 years ago at Target. They have paid for themselves many times over.

  2. My sisters are all hair dressers and they taught me how to cut Sultry Husband’s hair to the point that it doesn’t look stupid 🙂 Im lucky that if I do screw up, he doesn’t mind a buz cut (although I haven’t had to result to that yet, it just gives me peace of mind that if I don’t do a good job, he wont be mad at me…)

  3. My husband buzzes his own hair. But I’m learning to cut Little Red’s … it’s taken a lot of practice and usually it isn’t until a month after the hair cut that people start saying “I like his haircut!” but I’m learning.

  4. I’ve cut my Dad’s hair before. It’s fun when it’s a buzz cut! Easy!

    I’m sure Aidan looks good. Cuties always do. You’re just not used to it yet. 🙂

  5. I first cut my hubby’s hair 2 months before we were married. I messed up and it was too short. But it grew out enough by our wedding that it didn’t look too bad.

    I have since then done my hubby’s hair almost every time. Sometimes he’ll stop on his way home from work to have it cut, but I only needed that one time to learn what I needed to do.

    Since W was born I have always cut his hair. He has never been to a salon to have his haircut. I’ve learned with his very light blonde hair that it can’t be too short or he does indeed look bald. I can’t stand that. So I only go as short at 5/8’s on top and 3/8’s on the back and sides. I think it looks pretty good.

    There have been a few times that my hubby has cut W’s hair and he does indeed look like a chemo patient. The only thing I hate is when the guard flips off and I end up taking out a good patch of W’s hair. Luckily that’s never happened when I’ve done my hubby’s hair. 😉

    I’ve been consistently trimming Sy’s hair too. It’s been growing faster in the back then in the front so I’ve just used the base of her skull as my guide and trimming up to a nice bob as it continues to grow.

  6. Jesse taught me how to cut his hair. Of course, he likes his short and it’s a military cut, so it’s really easy. I’m not ready to cut Jago’s yet.

  7. I tried cutting hubby’s hair once. I’m much too nervous and I know he needs his hair to look good so I don’t cut it anymore. 18yo son has had me cut his hair for many years. Now that he wants a slightly longer hairstyle than I am capable of, my exercise partner (who is also a beautician) cuts his hair and he loves it that way.

  8. On my Mission, we had a Sister’s Conference one time, and one Sister, who was a beautician by training, taught us how to cut hair. I’ve remembered that lesson, and often used it. She warned about the difficulties of curly hair vs straight hair. What she didn’t warn about was sons who 1] go from red heads to blonde in a single cut[not even anything as dramatic as Aiden’s buzz cut for his Uncle Vinnie] 2] demand you cut it a certain length, then yell for hours–well it seemed like hours at the time–about how you’ve ‘ruined’ the hair, then pass it off as nothing when receiving compliments on the hair cut the next day. or 3] who complain for the next 13 or more years that you’ll cut his ear off if you cut his hair–because eons ago you scratched his ear with the scissors as he wiggled and squirmed during a haircut! I would do without something else to send my males to the barber! but I still do the occasional cuts–usually trims.
    Can’t wait to see the boys…4 more weeks! also for Rupert/Xerxes!

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