Playing Catch-Up

Hello, internets! I have missed you all so much, you don’t even know. This is a major addiction for me.

Well, we are in Arizona and in our house. We are partially unpacked (I can’t do a whole lot, and Mr. Universe is at work during the day, so it’s a slow process). We were here for an entire week before we were able to get our phone and internet hooked up. We also just got the cable hooked up, so now I can watch the news and stuff (“Stuff” meaning “Treasure Hunters” and “Last Comic Standing”, of course). I felt soooo cut off without a phone or internet, but it was also a nice, quiet week. We didn’t have phone service for an entire hour before I got a nice telemarketing call: a recorded message for lazer hair removal. That was a new one on me.

I can’t fill you all in on everything right now… and I don’t know if I’ll ever go into much detail about the whole experience. Let’s just say I don’t recommend moving a long distance when you are this pregnant. It was crazy go nuts the whole drive. We never made it to Proud Mum’s house, and I’m still sad about that. I was really looking forward to meeting you, Mr. Mum, and Little Red!! However, we made it to our new home safely, and when we pulled up to the house, there were already a few people waiting to help us unload the truck. More people came within a few minutes. It was so nice!!

Aiden started preschool this past Monday and he loves it. I mean really loves it. He is so smart and well-behaved. I couldn’t be more proud. He has tasks to learn each month, as well as several poems and nursery rhymes to memorize and then recite in front of the entire class. He did his first recitation yesterday morning, and he’s still proud of himself. He’s growing up so fast!!

Okay, we are going garage-saleing now, so I will be back to my normal, odd self shortly. And I’m trying to catch up on what everyone else has been up to this past week! Ahh, so much to do. 😉


9 responses to “Playing Catch-Up

  1. Hey Madhatter… thanks. Now, who are you??? 😉 Seriously. I’d like to know because not knowing will drive me mad. Just because.

  2. HEY SARIAH! I am so glad to hear you got moved ok…I have been thinking about you. I know EXACTLY how you feel…email me!


  3. Well, I’m so glad you got settled in safely. It’s great to hear that Aiden likes preschool.

    Thanks for the new sentence for my story meme. (I added it in, but the story is so long now it might be hard to notice it. It’s near the sentence about the altar.)

  4. Hey Sariah, welcome to your new home!!! Any chance of posting some pictures of the house? I am so curious. I moved twice in my final trimester and so I feel your pain!

    So glad to see you are back, we have been wondering!

  5. SO glad to hear that you arrived safe and sound, have been thinking about you. SO I’m glad to know that everything went as well as can be expected. Glad there were people there to help unpack.

    That’s great that Aiden is loving preschool so much. W starts on thursday but we get to go to the school and meet the teachers tomorrow evening.

    Talk to you soon hopefully.

  6. So, when are you going to let various family members know where you live and how to get in touch with you? I mean really in touch, like hearing your voice, not email.

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