Are You Sure About This??

I’m not at all kidding when I say this is a really close replica of an election sign I saw the other day near my apartment. Hand painted and all.


14 responses to “Are You Sure About This??

  1. Ummm…campaign running out of money?

    Wanted to include his 3 year old child in the election?

    Lost a bet?

    Decided he didn’t really want to win so he’s trying to swing the vote against himself?

    Or maybe what Karen said!!

  2. he’d get my vote. clearly education needs him so people can learn to make better signs.

    (i so think this is the best election sign i’ve ever seen. witty. twisted. makes a point.)

  3. I personally and vehemently know that if I had made up a sign to show on the streets during Clinton’s reign as our Arkansas’ governer elect, my sign would have said something similarly-crudely drawn…and probably (scratch the “probably” – it would have definitely been a great deal more vulgar). That sign you posted was obviously made to appeal to those who care what the children think (however the children might possibly be uninformed…I can’t imagine the kids watching CNN or the local news, much).

    4th Fret has it right: it’s twisted, witty, and makes a point.


  4. Yup, the misspelling is correct. I don’t mind the handpainted part (although it looks kinda odd next to all the professionally printed election signs). It’s the fact that “school” is misspelled. He wants me to vote for him when he A) can’t spell what he is running for and B) his staff obviously can’t spell either if they didn’t notice such blatent misspelling.

    It’s the only sign I’ve seen for someone running for a school board position, so Ches and I keep hoping it’s a joke.

    Aww, we’re moving in a week, so what do we care? Now I have to get up to date on Arizona politics!!

  5. ok, i guess i’m the only one who thinks like i do…

    is he already on the school board and looking for re-election? if not, and he’s a new guy running… that’s what makes this so clever.

    a sign with school misspelled only proves whoever is already at the helm has done little to improve the education… the idea being, if this guy is elected, next year… whomever made the sign will KNOW how to spell school because someone has been put into place to better the education.

    the more i think about it, the more brilliant this is.

  6. I loved that sign! Took me a minuite to realize that school was not spelled correctly, but hey, at least I noticed it before I read the comments section. I would vote for him, just because.

  7. I was thinking about signs, mentioned this one to Sultry Husband and he reminded me of one where most of us used to live… Near Rexburg, the sign that needs to go down in history is the one that reads:

    Welcome to Beaver Dick Park.

    Ummm ya. We still laugh about that one.

  8. Okay I would have liked the sign if it wasn’t for the fact that school was spelled wrong. I checked out the link that Alyson provided and it’s very well possible that the canidate did make the sign. The website had so many misspellings I couldn’t read past the third sentance!

    Oh and April I love that Beaver Dick Park sign in Rexburg! It makes me blush and laugh at the same time!

  9. As a Johnny-come-lately, I was thinking along the same lines as FF 9only not finding it is amusing, but a sad comment) ’til reading ABQ Mom’s last word. Now it makes me frustrated and a little bit angry. As a first grade teacher, I can say that my kids learned how to spell school!

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