Why My Sister, Lura, Is Awesome

10. Lura is always nice. She almost always has a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone. No kidding.

9. She used to help me figure out how to sneak in an out of the house through the bathroom window. (Mom, you already know about this, so don’t go acting all shocked and stuff)

8. Lura is so super talented!! She is getting her master’s degree, and the program she is in is very competitive. The school she attends has one of the best programs in the nation, they only accept a couple of grad students a year, and her advisor is considered the guy. I had no idea my sister was this awesome until she started her master’s program.

7. Lura is good about sacrificing. She just celebrated her second wedding anniversary, and in those two years she and Jesse have only been together about a quarter of that time while he was off with the military and in Iraq. Lura rarely complained about it. She just supports her husband fully and does what she can at home. She is proud to be a soldier’s wife. Also, when I got married, she got up at 4:30 in the morning to help me do my hair. She helped me out with all these dumb little details for the whole day, and she looked absolutely beautiful and happy, too. And she took the brunt of criticism from family members when they were making remarks that they thought I didn’t hear them make.

6. Lura always has a sympathetic ear for me. Even if I’m all crying about my own husband being gone for a couple of days, Lura never gets resentful to me. She is sympathetic and understanding and always there for me.

5. She gave birth to one of the most adorable little boys ever!! Jago is seriously a cutie (of course, I’m not going to say he’s the most cute or anything, because that is reserved for my own kids). Lura is such a good mommy to Jago. I’m proud of her.

4. She gives us funny stories to tell for the rest of forever, even if they really aren’t funny anymore. Hee hee: Boston Tea Ship!! Beep Baaaaah!!!! Hee hee hee. I’m seriously giggling here.

3. We’ve had to share a room most of our lives, and she was always really fun to room with. We would sit on our beds on opposite ends of the room and toss MnMs into each other’s mouths. Of course, we hardly ever actually made it, but it was so fun anyway. We would listen to Disney tunes and pretend we were different characters and act out the songs. We were always rearranging the furniture to make things more interesting or give us more floor space or something (although that didn’t always work).

2. Lura has to do everything I do. Heh. She played the flute in 5th grade because I already played the flute (but then again, she hated it and didn’t play anymore after that). I always had long hair… she grew her hair out. Her favorite author is the same as mine. I love silver more than gold… so does she. I love a good cup of hot chocolate right before bed… she has to have one too. I get a surprise pregnancy while using protection… so does she!!

1. Lura is my little sister, so, uh, that’s it. You can’t get any more awesome than being Sariah’s sister. πŸ˜‰


8 responses to “Why My Sister, Lura, Is Awesome

  1. What a sweet and fun tribute to your sister, and I enjoyed getting to know both of your better through this.

  2. Stop, stop, I’m blushing. πŸ™‚

    Thank you, Sariah. This made me feel really good. I read it on a good day, too, as Jesse had to leave for 2 weeks this morning.

    Though I must say that I don’t mean to copy you. I actually hate doing it (what little sister doesn’t?). As for the “funny” stories, that’s only because the rest of you do so much stuff that’s worthy of laughing at that we can’t remember it. It’s rare for me. Ok, maybe that’s not true, but I like to think it is. :p

  3. OK, so I’m no longer shocked at the sneaking out. But I seriously WAS!

    This was a lovely and generous post. It says a lot about lura, but it says a lot [indirectly] about Lura, too.

    Just so no one has to barf at all the sickening sweetness here, Yes, they fought. They are SISTERS! But it is also true that they CHOSE to be room roommates Lura’s first semester in college [Sariah’s last before marriage].

    All in all, I have to say that I’m pretty proud of both you girls. πŸ˜€

  4. I think I’ll go…


    Mom asked me today if I minded that I live on the east coast and everyone else lives out west and she probably will end up out there too. I said New England is my little corner of the country. It’s my corner where I can curl up and hide. So there.

  5. TC, Are you feeling left out? A little bit…a teensy bit?…We all love you, too, and besides, there’s always that Reason #10 for sending a kid to BU [A legitimate reason to visit Boston]…

    Does my word verification mean something? “urpem”

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