Random Friday

I have the cutest kids. Dallin has decided that Blue’s Clues is his favorite show. This morning he was a little cranky, so I asked, “Would you like to watch Blue’s Clues?” Dallin immediately got a huge grin, raised his hands up and down, and said, “Blue’s clues! Blue’s Clues!” over and over until he was well into watching the show. Of course, when he says it, it sounds more like “Boo Coos! Boo Coos!” than anything else. He also loves to say “A clue! A clue!” (which comes out “Acoo! Acoo!”).

This from the kid who still won’t say “mom”.


Ches is having a lot of success in Arizona. He has several interviews set up, has talked to several people on the phone, and has had a lot of interest shown in him. We’re very excited. I took something like FIVE phone calls for him yesterday from people in Arizona. FIVE!!! On his first day there! He’s hoping to find some time to apartment shop while he’s down there, too. I’m really hoping he does. I just want to get packed and move now.


Dallin had tooth #6 coming in… finally. However, because of the teething, he got a huge fever yesterday (was up to 102 by afternoon), and was just miserable. He ended up sleeping with me because I was so worried about him. His temperature at about 2 am was 104!! I almost took him to the emergency room, but couldn’t sort out in my head what exactly to do. I couldn’t find the bottle of Tylenol in the middle of the night, so I just rubbed his back and thought and thought. He temperature did start to go down, and when he woke up this morning (6 am), it was down to 100. I have to get my own prescription refilled today, so I will pick up more Tylenol for him. He’s feeling a lot better, but it sure isn’t fun.


Song of the day:
“Right Here, Right Now” by Jesus Jones
Remember the video to this song? I used to love it. How it would say things like “Right now, someone is eating french fries without salt” or whatever. At one point in the video, there would be so much to read, and it’d go by so quickly. Even as a fast reader, I don’t think I ever quite made it through. I was always a little disappointed in myself for that. Anyrate, I heard this song on the radio yesterday, and it was another one of those that I hadn’t thought about in a long time, but I liked it. Especially the line “Right here, right now/ There is no other place I want to be”. Even as hard as things are, I love where I am: married to a wonderful man, with two awesome boys and one more on the way, living the Gospel as best as we can, just trying to be a happy family. I like where I am… right here, right now.


We rented a couple of movies last weekend to watch: Fun With Dick and Jane, and Doogal. The first was fun. We liked it a lot. Could have done without some of the language (we are horrible parents who let our kids watch all sorts of movies with us), but otherwise was a pretty entertaining movie. Oh, and watch the outtakes (I mean, come one! It’s Jim Carrey! You gotta watch him!) and the deleted scenes. We liked the dleted scenes and wish they had stayed in the movie.

Doogal, on the other hand, sucked. Big time. There are lots of big names in this movie (Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Whoopi Goldberg, and William H. Macey,just to name a few), but it was horrible. It sounded more like they were doing a half hearted read-through than a movie. The plot was weak, and the script was not well written. It had a lot of funny one-liners… but that seemed to make up most of the movie! One-liners from other movies! Hmpf. When the movie ended, Ches looked at me and said, “I would have been so pissed if we wasted money to see this one in the movie theatre.” I totally agreed.


My brother-in-law, Kenyon, has a blog now. Check it out. He talks about cool music a lot, and has this neat player on there to listen to music that he has set up. Oh, and in case you are wondering about the relationship, here is how it works. In their family, there are three boys in this order: Ches, Alyson’s Mr. Wonderful, then Kenyon. That should be easy enough to figure out.

It seems that a lot of you have nicknamed your husbands something for your blog-writing so you don’t have to use their actual names. We’ve got Sultry Husband (April), HHH (Julia), Mr. Big (Kris) and Mr. Wonderful (Karen), just because it goes with them. Then we have the names for husbands that go with the blog: Mr. Wonderful (Alyson), and Mr. Angel (Texangel). I was thinking about it, and what do you think? Should we all now call Ches “Mr. Universe”? Heh. Wonder what that would do to his ego. Of course, he is a trumpet player… even if he is the most humble trumpet player you will ever meet (and that is saying something).


We have some friends here in Reno that are coming up on their first anniversary. He just called and said, “I need a little help getting A. her present, and I think you might be able to help.” She was raised LDS, and he is not religious. (She doesn’t attend any churches anymore). She has used the LDS Primary songbook in the classroom over the years (she is an elementary music teacher), and I guess her copy is pretty worn down. Or she doesn’t have it anymore. So he is going to get her a new Primary songbook and possibly a new hymnbook. The Primary songbook is really great for elementary school. All the non-religious songs are perfect to use, and the arrangements are just for that age. I’m glad she is able to use the songbook. I love some of the songs, myself (like “In the leafy treetops” or “Oh what do you do in the summertime?”). I mentioned you can even get them engraved with her name, and he liked that. The husband said he thinks she’s been missing these songbooks the last couple of years, so he wants to be able to replace them. I thought to myself, “What a thoughtful husband. He thought of this all on his own.” So I gave him directions to the nearest LDS bookstore, and he is headed there this afternoon. Awwwww, sweet.


Quote of the day:
The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.
–Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)


10 responses to “Random Friday

  1. I believe the Arizona situation calls for a WOOT!

    I’m so excited for you guys! This is great! We’ll keep praying for you.

  2. i’m so over blues clues. it’s just never been the same since steve left. um, not that i would know. i mean… i never watched it. i’m far too… mature. šŸ˜‰

    “right here, right now
    watching the world wake up from history”

    i loved that song too. but mostly because i loved the idea of jesus’ last name being jones. i know, that’s a random connection, but still…

  3. OOOHHHHH…I like the name Mr. Universe, very fitting from what it sounds like. *wink* I love Jesus Jones, and I love that song too. “…where the world can change in the blink of an eye…” No joke! It reminded me of getting my drivers license and driving all my girlfriends to youth dances…LOL.


  4. I’m not too sure about Mr. Universe. Maybe… D-Flat. It sounds like a rapper name… and we all know Ches is jiggy with it!

  5. My son went to see the movie Doogal with a birthday party. I had never heard of it before, but when he told me it was about a dog named Doogal, I asked, “Was there a character named ‘Zebedee’ in it?” and he said, “Yes! How did you know?” That movie is based on a children’s television show from England in the early 1970s called The Magic Roundabout. I haven’t seen the movie — it’s probably pretty awful, based on the reviews — but I was just excited that they renewed something that meant as much to me in my day as Blues Clues does to Dallin.

  6. Yay for AZ!

    I think Mr. Universe is a great name but I personally love the musical reference made with his name. I won’t type it here in case that reveals too much.

    I like Blue’s Clues with Steve better than Joe too but they rotate them out on Nick Jr. so often that my kids don’t really notice. Sy still isn’t THAT into any shows. W loved Blue’s Clue’s between 1-2 so much it was the theme for his 2nd birthday.

    I do remember that song, mostly because of the name. My maiden name is Jones. When you all are trying to keep up with the Jones’ just remember me! (and know that was just a joke. šŸ™‚ )

  7. I guess it’s a little late to comment on this whole blog now–but I like Mr. Universe: 1] well, he IS a trumpet player. 2] it does fit your blog title, and 3] you have shown that he is the center/stabilizer of your universe, true? So henceforth and forthwith, we shall refer to him as Mr. Universe. šŸ˜€

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