Random Friday

Sorry I missed last week. I was too nervous, thinking about Ches’ interview, to write. Now we know the results, and I’m kinda too depressed to write, but I want to anyway. I think this won’t be a very good Random Friday. That’s life.


I got some of the Tupperware I had ordered last night. One thing I was really excited for was the shape toy (I can’t remember the actual name!!). I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. It’s the red and blue ball like thing with all the holes for different shapes. You pull it apart and the yellow shapes fall out so you can put the shapes back in again.

So anyrate… I used a birthday check Dallin got from his Grandpa and Grandma C (my father and stepmother) to buy the toy. HE LOVES IT. We played with it together for a good half hour last night. Aiden got out of the bath right when Dallin was getting bored with it, so Aiden took a turn. HE LOVES IT. He likes naming the shapes and counting the numbers and putting the numbers in order.

Such a classic toy. If you don’t have one, cough up the money and get one.


The show that HHS (that’s the high school I work with, in case anyone forgot) is doing this fall is music from Cirque de Solei. It is so awesome! That is going to be a fun show to put on. There is so much room for visual, and I’m trying to recruit some tumblers to be a part of my color guard. I met with my assistant (who will be in charge once I leave), and we picked out the uniforms and the flags and other props we would like to use for the season. We will be getting the drill in a couple of weeks, so then we get to start the choreography. I’m SOOOO sad I won’t be here for it!


Ches and I have been “purging” our little apartment of junk and other things that we don’t use anymore. It’s been really nice, taking trash bags to the dumpster. Very freeing.

I found a journal that Jerkfaced Liar had made for me when we “broke up” to go to our seperate universitites. In the journal he had put some of his writings from the past year we had been dating. Some had to do with me, some had nothing to do with me. It was a nice present, but I have kept it in it’s box and rarely looked at it, especially in the years since I met and married Ches. I felt bad just throwing the journal away, even though Ches said that’s what I should do. So, through another friend, I got Jerkfaced Liar’s email address and asked him if he wanted it (assuming he already had those writings somewhere and would tell me just to toss it). He was actually pleased to hear from me and said he didn’t have anything pre-grad school anymore, so it would be nice to see “high school Jerkfaced Liar”. So I will mail it to him.

It was weird to hear from him, and luckily he didn’t take my email as an invitation to be back in contact. I just can’t be friends with him because something always happens where I get hurt again. It’s too bad because we were best friends long before we started dating, and I think we still have a lot in common today. However, I guess he fits in the category of “with friends like these, who needs enemies”. I feel good about offering him the journal back, and I’m glad he appreciates the gesture. I will send it to him, and we get to leave things on good terms for once.

It’s nice not coming away from something hurt.


My sister will be here on Monday!!! Yay!!! I miss Lura so much. And I haven’t seen Jesse since, what, their wedding? And I haven’t met Jago yet, so this is going to rock. They will only be here for a day or so, but that’s okay. That’s going to be one awesome day! I wonder what we should do on Monday. Hmmmm…


Song of the day:
“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”
(Thanks Alyson)


I need chocolate. Lots and lots of dark chocolate. If I find some time today, I think I’m going to drive down to Trader Joe’s and get me some dark chocolate bars. They have some really dark stuff that is just heavenly!


A girl I go to church with is getting married next week, then moving to Canada (Montreal… he’s French Canadian). Last week I got to attend a bridal shower for her. It was so fun. But the bride still has a lot to learn about Canada. Someone at the shower mentioned Krispy Kreme donuts, and they were all starting to drool a bit at the thought. Then I said, “Just wait ’til you get to Canada. Mmmmm, Tim Horton’s. Krispy Kreme doesn’t hold a candle to Tim Horton’s.” I got some questioning looks, so I had to explain what Tim Horton’s is.

As we were later discussing Victoria’s Secret (yes,this was a bridal shower, so I’m sure you know what all the presents were), it somehow came up about what’s a good store in Canada. So I mentioned La Senza seems pretty good. Again, I had to explain what store that is.

The bride has a lot to learn about Canada, if she doesn’t know Tim Horton’s. But she’ll get it. I’m sure it won’t take too long to become immersed in all things Canada! 🙂


Quote of the day:
Love is the feeling you feel when you are feeling a feeling you feel you have never felt before.
–I found this written on something from my early teen years. I don’t remember where I got it from. It just cracks me up, though.


10 responses to “Random Friday

  1. i hope you got/get lots and lots of good dark chocolate. 😀

    and i remember that shape toy. only, mine was a weapon, and ended up getting me in all kinds of trouble. heh.

  2. I never knew that shape toy was tupperware! I remember it and have been wondering why I haven’t seen it around since my youth.

    No wonder they don’t have it at Target. And all this time I thought they had been recalled for pinching fingers or something like that.

    That Trader Joe’s dark chocolate with almonds is to die for! (but please don’t die.) Stock up! You deserve it! Things will pick up soon, I know they will.

    Hang in there, you old soldier!

  3. I’ll add mine to the Tim Horton’s testimonial.

    But she’ll figure it out, it doesn’t take long to learn about them. Mmmmm, they are so dang good!!!

  4. Not a fan of dark chocolate. Sorry. Though if I HAVE to have dark chocolate Trader Joe’s is the play to get it. I only learned a few years ago that shape toy was from tupperware. My memory of it growing up was always at other people’s houses or in the nursery at church. It was always missing shapes…

    Never been to Canada. Don’t know what I’m missing I guess. :-S

  5. Oh, I like chocolate but it has to be milk chocolate.

    I was going to say I hope your friend knows the coffee lingo here, but maybe she won’t need it. However, I have two words she will need: Maple. Danish.


  6. Yay for dark chocolate…sometimes I can see you’ve been raised right 😀

    We have Tim Horton’s in OH! So good–Krispy Kreme was headquartered in Richmond and they don’t hold a candle to TH! Besides [at least here] TH is not only the very best doghnuts, [yay for maple Danish] but they also have other “real” foods. I love their chili [and their complete meals include a doughnut, of course!]

    Gotta go! 🙂 Buck up, things will turn out. Eventually.

  7. Wishing you lost of dark chocolote . . .I remember that shape too to, but I didnt relaize it was tupperware either. 🙂

  8. Don’t you love purging?! I like to do it in anticipation of moving, and then, if I don’t end up moving, my house is at least less cluttered!

    I’m all about chocolate. Except I’m not such a lover of dark. I like it, but I don’t crave it like you do. My mom and on the other hand…you two always have gotten along well!

    My mom still has that shape toy from when we were little. I remember her having tupperware parties all hte time, but since I’ve been living on my own, I’ve never even been invited to one. How rude is that! 🙂

    Have a fun vacation!

  9. Still thinking about Timmies… mmmmm. Good soup and sandwitches, too, but that’s not why I miss them.

    And La Senza, now that’s a nice shop. My favourite bra I ever owned came from there.

    And as your friend is moving to Montreal she’s going to have her pick of poutine (yes, that artery-clogging goodness that goes down smooth all the way to your thighs) and that super-cool bagel shop that makes bagels like nowhere else and leaves people all over the world coming back for more (so they say on the food network.) And then of course the Montreal Jazz Festival.

    Oh now I want to move to Montreal!!!

    (and, btw, I have never attended a Tupperware party in my existance. I’m so deprived!)

  10. Now that i’ve had babies and my boobs are deflaited yet my cup size is large, I cannot wear La senza bras. *sigh* I am left to the expensive specialty shops. At least she won’t have o worry about that for a while.

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