Random Friday

One more week until we find out if it is a boy or a girl! Yay! Aiden used to insist that he was getting another baby brother, but now he insists it is a girl. I guess you can’t always rely on a three and a half year old.


A girl we go to church with is getting married next month to a French Canadian who lives in Montreal. We got the invitation/announcement in the mail yesterday. It is beautiful. On the left side, everything is in English, and on the right side everything is in French. Very cool.

We’ve been teasing this girl that she is “going Canadian” on us, and if she’s going to marry someone from the True North, I prefer western Canada, but the girl will hear none of it. She is so happy with what she’s doing. Which is good! We are very happy for her.

Funny how I call her a “girl”, like she’s 14 or something. I think she’s older than me. However, when someone is in love and about to be married, it makes them seem so much younger. You could be 21, 45, or 83 and I think I would still say “this girl”. It’s really cute.


Fourth Fret, you like strawberry pie the best, right? Because if I’m going to show you appreciation for showing me the “grown up age” when you hit it (whenever that may be), I need to make sure I make you the right kind of pie.

Ches’ favorite pie is lemon meringue. I’m getting better and better at making a good lemon meringue pie for the guy. I don’t do it all that often, though, because I make a huge mess out of the kitchen and I don’t feel like cleaning it up afterward. It also doesn’t seem fair for Ches to have to clean up the mess when I’m doing something extra nice for him by making him his favorite pie (and often I make it for something special, like finishing grad school!).

I don’t think I have a favorite pie. I like most pies. Key lime…. mmmmmm. Aunt Marisa makes the best key lime pie in the world. No kidding. Banana cream…. mmmmmm. As long as there is no coconut (yes, I know I’m crazy that way). Strawberry…. mmmmmmm. How can you not love strawberry pie? Rhubarb… mmmmmm! I haven’t had that in forever. It’s about that season, right? And then, of course… anything chocolate. Chocolate silk pies are wonderful.


Last night Ches got some ice cream to celebrate. He got himself Ben and Jerry’s “Everything but the…” (man oh man, I love Ben and Jerry’s! Laural and I go way back with that stuff.) and he got me Godiva “Belgian dark chocolate”. I ate the entire container in one sitting while watching Survivor. Talk about addicting.


Oh, Alyson! I’m so sorry! I just remembered I promised NOT to talk about food on my blog so I won’t make you crave stuff and sabotage you! Please oh please forgive me! I will work on that more from now on.


Okay, so who here watches The Amazing Race? I’m just curious, because I really need someone to talk to about it. I don’t know why, but my family just isn’t into that show, but Ches and I looooove it. It’s so awesome. Someday, when I am on The Amazing Race, during the little interviews they have I am going to avoid using the word “amazing” as an adjective because it just seems to cheesy to me: “I have had an amazing time on this race!” or “My partner is so amazing, I’m just amazed at all he can do and what he is like.” Ugh. Find a new word, people!


Speaking of reality shows… at the end of Survivor last night I yelled “WHAT-ever!” Of course, Aiden jumped in with “Mom, we don’t say whatever.”

Sorry, Aiden. I totally forgot. I was caught up in the moment.

You see, a while back I would tell Aiden to do something, and he’d say, “whatever, Mom.” Excuse me?? You are 3, not a teenager. And even then, you don’t “whatever” me. So now Aiden has it in his head that “whatever” is a garbage word. Yesterday he even told on me to my mom:

“Grandma, Mom said whatever. Whatever came out of the garbage, but we don’t take words out of the garbage. We throw them away and leave them there!”

I can’t get the kid to realize that sometimes whatever is an okay word! It’s all about the context. And I’m having a really hard time eliminating the word from my vocabulary, just to keep him happy.

Other garbage words (as of now, because he has tried to use them): stupid, shut up, and crap.


I get to go to a Tupperware party tomorrow. I’m so excited! It’s my first! Yes, I am a Tupperware virgin. Although I guess technically that isn’t true because my mom sold Tupperware when I was really little.

You know what would be cool? If Tupperware came up with a “retro” line and had designs that looked like what our moms had in the 70s or something. That would make me laugh, and I think I’d totally buy some of it.

So, yeah. I’m excited for tomorrow. Sorry, Kris. If I were anywhere near you, I’d buy from you. You know that. However, considering you are up in Calgary and moving even farther away, I gotta do what I gotta do. But I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow! πŸ™‚


When I was in high school, I got on this kick where if my little brother and sister were asking me where I was going, I’d say, “I’m going to Alaska.” Don’t ask me why. I don’t know where it came from. It just popped out one day, and it kinda stuck. One day (when I was 18), my friends and I were about to leave my house. We were in Carolyn’s car, when my little, preshool-aged brother came running out of the house, across the front lawn, yelling, “wait for me! I want to come, too!” I tried to tell Carolyn to just drive, but Mike felt so sorry for Richard and convinced her not to leave yet. Poor Richard was crying. He wanted to come with us big kids so badly. He asked, “where are you going?”

“To Alaska,” I replied, as usual.

“You went there yesterday!!!”

We ended up driving away with Richard standing on the curb, crying. My friends all thought I was completely cold-hearted, but I felt bad. I really did. Honestly, though, did they expect to actually bring him? I got to take him with us a lot, but sometimes 18 year olds just don’t want to hang out with 4 year olds, you know?


I got to use the phrase my freshman year in college, too. There was a boy I had gone on a couple of dates with, and while he was really nice and all, I just wasn’t interested. We had several classes together, so he’d call all the time to get “help” with homework. I put a message on our apartment white board: “If my mom calls, take a message. If Sean calls, tell him I moved to Alaska.”

One time, my dad called and my roommate Jessica answered the phone. When dad asked for me (and I wasn’t home), Jessica asked, “Is this Sean?”

“WHO is Sean?!?!?”

I had some explaining to do when I got home and returned the call. No, Dad. Not a new boyfriend. A semi-stalker. Don’t worry, I’m still studying and practicing all the time!


I got my June Reader’s Digest in the mail yesterday. I guess since June is the “wedding month” or whatever (sorry Aiden), most of the quotes are about marriage and kids. So my quote of the day is along those lines:

Marriage is like a 5,000-piece jigsaw puzzle — all sky.
–Cathy Ladman


14 responses to “Random Friday

  1. I laughed at your garbage words. Yesterday I had to try hard to sound suitably angry when Ben said (about the Black-Eyed Peas song Pump It), “That sucks monkey balls!” He comes home from school with the most creative language. So far it’s been very amusing, but it’s really starting to push some boundaries now.

  2. Ohmygosh, that is the FUNNIEST phrase EVER! Hee hee. I would totally love to use it, but I just know aiden will start to use it, and I just don’t think it’s appropriate.

    We use our “garbage words” all the time, but since Aiden has started to, I don’t know. It’s sounds worse (although the way he still doesn’t say his “r” sounds, so crap comes out more like ca-wap or cwap, now that’s just funny). So while I have eliminated actual swearing from my language, I have more words to get rid of. Crap, sucks… oh, I’m sure there are so many more. 😦 And THEN I will have to deal with what HE will pick up at school, too!!

  3. Hehe Sariah, that is ok I won’t hold it against you…if I had known that you were a TW virgin I would’ve sent you a hold schwack of stuff in the mail with the treats (oh crud, your shreddies are still sitting at my house…MY BRAIN!)Hmmmmm….maybe I will…maybe I will…*wink*


  4. hmmm. another ben similarity. heh. (‘cept i say donkey balls for some reason.)

    sariah- maybe it’s twins, and one is hiding behind the other. or something. triplets even. OMG- YOU’RE HAVING QUINTS!!!

    and yes, strawberry. strawberry pie makes me happy in my pants. heh.

    (ok, you have to be creative to see it by my word verification is wtvir.

    get it? wt=what vir=ever. i said you had to be creative. GAH!)
    dang, this post has all kinds of stuff i can relate to. if i go ben and jerry’s it’s everything but the… (except when they do a peanut butter cookie dough in chocolate… which doesn’t happen nearly enough)

    i could go for ben and jerry’s actually.

    i watch the amazing race. it’s amazing. amazing scenery. amazing challenges. i hope those amazing hippies when it all. that would be amazing.

  5. now that was whacky go nuts. i don’t know how “(ok, you have to be creative to see it by my word verification is wtvir.

    get it? wt=what vir=ever. i said you had to be creative. GAH!)” ended up right smack in the center of that rest of that.


  6. FF, I TOTALLY got the “wtvir” right away. You don’t have to be creative to get that! Woot! (Cuz I’m not creative. That’s all I’m saying). Maybe I’ll start saying that instead of whatever. Wtvir is prounounced “whitvur”, by the way.

    Oh, and whacky go nuts?? I believe the proper phrase is crazy go nuts. I have a degree from CGNU to prove it. Okay, so I don’t, but I know someone who does. Well, I don’t *know* someone so much as I read his emails quite regularly.

  7. Oh, and Kris, you can always send me wtvir the heck you want! I still owe you a package, though. I suck monkey balls at keeping promises. Isn’t it obvious?

  8. Who hoo. Only one more week to go till you find out if you’re having boy #3 or a possible little girl!

    I’ve caught W saying stupid and be quiet. I don’t like it when he says it.

    My husband’s favorite pie is Cherry. That’s easy to make. I can make a mean chocolate peanut butter pie. YUM! I love Strawberry pie and strawberry ruhbarb too.

    I’ve watched the last couple of episodes of Amazing Race. I really hope the Hippies win. That would be freaking AMAZING!

    I’ve been to a tupperware party. About a year or two after I was married in my old ward in Phoenix. I didn’t buy anything but I got a free melonballer. I used to pretend it was a phone when I was a kid and now my kids do the same things. My parents STILL have those old 70’s colors tupperware!

    The only phrase I remember as an answer to the question “where are you going?” is “Crazy, wanna come?” I think my dad used that on us kids more than we ever used it on anyone else.

  9. I know someone els who says that phrase. JTM.

    E says DAMIT. I don’t know where he picked that up from. I’m going to say TV and Rock ‘n Roll.

    I haven’t really been able to follow this seasons Amazing Race. I’ve only seen the most recent episode, mostly because we don’t have cable and nothing else was on. However, when I am on the amazing race I’m not going to call my partener (assuming it was Tim) Babe or Hun. I hate that.

  10. I just have to add that at one time…Sariah’s freshman year at Ricks, we learned that we were going to be transferred to…Alaska! It ended up not happening, but we were all vying for the opportunity to say. “Sariah, we’re going to Alaska!” Especially Richard, who was by then about 6!

    I made the unfortunate error of telling Aiden that I did something really stupid. I was lectured to. He was right. Then I sent Dallin’s birtday gifts. Now I had previously warned Aiden that the box would just be for Dallin’s birthday–that was OK with him–in theory…but afterwards, I got another talking to. I have assured him that while THAT box was just for Dallin’s birthday, I’d be sending them both something soon. So I need to get to the post office in the next couple of days.

    My mother tried her whole life to erase ‘crap’ from my vocabulary–without much success, so I don’t dare complain too much. ‘Shut up’ was also not allowed, however, “shut up your mouth” a direct translation from the Italian prase commonly used to say “be quiet” WAS acceptable. Go figure.

    As long as you don’t say “like”, right Sariah? (Her appropriate answer would be “whatever” :b

  11. I’m trying really hard to remove “Gosh Dang It” from my vocabulary. I’ve caught W saying that a few times.

  12. I’m going to have to use that Garbage words talk with Jaedin! What I normally do is tell him that he’s pronouncing the word wrong. It’s not “crap”, its “carp.” It’s not “shut up” its “sit up.” I’ll make a mental note to use the wrong word in context a few times until he picks up the wrong word and then he goes and starts telling other people that they’re the ones pronouncing the word wrong!!! Its hilarious! He’s starting to figure out that I’m the one pronouncing it wrong though haha! Well, couldn’t last forever!

    Mmmmm French Silk Pie. Oh man, I could go for a big ol’ slice of that right now.

  13. “Crap” is a regrettable vocabulary word, but not nearly so bad as our youngest son saying “dammit”…I don’t know where he got it from, either. We actually *do* say “crap” but he won’t say that. Our oldest son says no bad words at all (YAY). I have to say, “Whatever” ticks me off, too. Our youngest tried that and I came down like two tons of bricks. So disrespectful.

    I don’t like sweets, as a general rule. The only ones I will eat: My mother’s chocolate-chip cookies; and her lemon meringue pie. We even used to tease my father about the meringue pie, tell him it was in the clothes-dryer, or in some cabinet, and half the time he would check, and half the time he wouldn’t. Because sometimes it *was* where we said it was, and sometimes we hadn’t made one at all. πŸ˜‰ My mother and I were awful to him about it. SUCH teases. πŸ˜‰

    Re: “Alaska” story: Whenever my brother used to ask me an ignorant question, the answer was “Hillary.” (I didn’t even know an Hillary.) He’d ask me frequently, to whom was I talking on the phone, knowing I must be talking to Jamie….I always said, “Hillary.” And where was I going? (Knowing he knew) “To Hillary’s house.”

    -Angel, who hopes you’re having a girl. πŸ™‚ (Although I don’t yet know what YOU want…)

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