I Forgot To Mention…

20 Weeks!! I’m halfway there!


9 responses to “I Forgot To Mention…

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! (We celebrated by visiting our newest little friend in the hospital today, just one day old!) In honour of you, of course.

    Btw, it was a repeat C and the mother was already up and around … she was doing so well! I hope the same goes for you.

  2. 20 weeks till you grow up? 20 weeks till you decipher the meaning of life?

    i don’t get it.

    ok, i do get it, but… i just wanted to imply you aren’t a grown up. 😛

  3. Holy smokes! When did that happen…I mean OBVIOUSLY 20 weeks ago but wow that went fast (for me, hehe). Congrats!


  4. FF — I have WAAAAY more than 20 weeks until I grow up, don’t’cha know? I don’t turn 30 until December, and I’m pretty sure that’s when you get to start being a grown up. I don’t know for sure, though. Until then… I’m still just a 20 something punk that happens to be married and have kids! 😀

    Kris — It actually has gone quickly. Of course it helps that my first doctor’s appoint wasn’t until I was 12 weeks along. And I didn;t know I was pregnant for sure until about 3 weeks before that. Weird how this one worked out.

  5. um, no. 30 doesn’t make you start growing up. whatever the magic number is, i’ll hit it before you, so i’ll let you know.

    you can show your appreciation in pie. 😀

  6. Obviously, I have to hit is first, FF. And according to my kids…I haven’t yet. Tho. I do get an “Oh, Mom!” with a dramatic sigh quite often 😀

    I think we are all Peter Pan in a very real way. And as long as we don’t completely “grow up” we savor life a measure more.

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