I often wonder about my son. He does some pretty random and odd things. So I ask, “Aiden, what are you doing?” He stops whatever it is he’s doing, looks up at me with wide eyes, and replies so innocently, “Nuffin’.”

Today is a “nuffin'” day for me. I don’t really know what to say, but I feel like writing.

I have so much to do, but don’t feel like doing it. At the moment I am making a list for our dinners this week and a list of groceries we need. Or want. Like cantelope and watermelon and bananas. Mmmmm, fresh fruit. I love spring and summer for all the yummy fresh fruit (mainly the melons).

I broke a belt on the vaccuum today. I accidentally vaccuumed up one of Aiden’s socks (it was hiding under the couch). Suddenly there was a horrible smell and the vaccuum felt weird. Good thing I got most of the living room done first. I can live with the rest of the mess for a few days before I get a new belt.

Both of the boys are taking a nap at this moment, and I wish I could join them, but I still feel like there is too much to do. I have this need to clean and organize, but no energy to do it with.

At my WIC appointment this morning, they said my iron is a little low. Not too much, just a little. They said that can make me feel tired and forgetful. I wanted to ask, “Are you sure it’s only a little low then?”

I think I am going to be a “bad” mom when we go to the grocery store. We need some more cereal, and I want sugar cereal. Not the stuff you can get on WIC (even though I like most of those cereals anyway), but the stuff that only has commercials for it during Saturday morning cartoons so the kids will get really excited for it. I want the stuff that supposedly hypes kids up on all the sugar that no respectable mom would ever dare buy it (although grandmas and spoiling aunts are always sure to have it in their pantry when said kids go to visit). I want the stuff that will rot your teeth if you don’t brush right after you’ve eaten. I want Coco Pebbles and Lucky Charms (I like to eat the regular cereal parts first, and save all the marshmallows for the end to eat all together) and Cookie Crisp and Frosted Mini-Chex and the chocolate Lucky Charms and any cereal with a current kids movie character on the box. Mmmmmm, good. I sure hope there’s a sale going on.

I feel kind of lonely today. I don’t know why. My little sister called to tell me that she met an “amazing guy”, but when a friend walked in, she let me go to tell her friend all about this guy. I understand. I’m “old” now, married and with child (the third one!). And you definitely want to tell your good friends when you are so infatuated right away. I get the feeling that she only called me after she called our other sister, though. Just because I know they get along a bit better than she and I do.

Oh! Good news, though! We might get a piano! Someone at church has a piano that they need stored for a while and wants someone to take it that will use it. NOONE else wants/needs it right now! I’m shocked! I was asked if I wanted it, and I replied, “I would looooove to have a piano, but we have no room in our tiny apartment.” I paused for a few seconds, then said, “I’ll make room.” I hope we get it! I’ll put all my books in storage and get rid of the bookshelves (okay, not all of them! I can’t possibly seperate myself from all of my books and bookshelves. That would make me insane.) and rearrange the living room and heck, I’ll even get rid of one of the couches (although I really want to get rid of the bigger one, anyway, but the other one is just a love seat, so I don’t know). I don’t care what we do, but I want that piano!

I think I have felt the baby quite a bit recently. It’s not so much movement is that I’ll get some pressure at a certain spot in my belly, and then it’ll go. A while later, I’ll get some more pressure in another spot. It’s kind of hard to tell, but I’m pretty sure it’s the baby. That and my Braxton Hicks are all lower, across my my whole abdoman, is a lot more intense (pain wise) and the pressure last for a several seconds then goes away.

Wow, for someone who said she had nuffin’ to say and nuffin’ going on, I sure wrote a lot. Too bad none of it means anything.


11 responses to “Nuffin’

  1. Sariah, you are the queen of random posts, I can’t ever get mine to sound right so they never get posted. I don’t know how you do it.

    (pause for a moment in awe.)

    Okay, I know this sounds wierd, but I got all excited hearing you describe how you eat your Lucky Charms — me too! And my husband has been obsessed with the Chocolate Lucky Charms ever since he saw them on Conan.

    When we first moved to Virginia a lady in our ward called me up and said that she knew I played the piano and had just bought one at Goodwill for $15 but didn’t have room for it and could I store it at our place for as long as we lived there? I was so thrilled. But the big day we found out it was impossible to get the piano into our apartment without a crane. I’ve had a couple other “chances” since then and things just don’t work out. I’m so excited for you!!!!!!!!! Very jealous, but I know it just won’t work right now. YAY YOU!

  2. PM–Are you in VIRGINIA?! We used to be before OH.

    Sariah, I want to state publically that I did NOT deprive my children of kids’cereals nor did I ENCOURAGE the eating of kids’s cereals–I made pancakes and french toast and coffee cake [that’s just a name, no coffee in it, in case Tanya reads this 🙂 ]
    and that sort of thing–until recent years…so don’t sound so deprived!

    Actually you made some of the most disgusting cereals sound really good–its your description and how you phrase it all 🙂

    I’m jeasous about the piano, too. I should have just moved ours–it just really liked VA, and it didn’t like the west [drier climes made for sticking keys] but since we didn’t go as far west as originally expected, we could have brought the piano, it probably would have liked OH, too.

    And your sister didn’t call ME about the amazing boy…so you’re ahead of me on her list now 😀

  3. Allrie, no, we are no longer in VA, that was the previous stop in the Adventures of the Family Vagabond. I’m now in the urban jungle of Southern California. Sorry, I forget that not everyone has been reading my blog for a year… there’s no way you could have known I was no longer there.

  4. Our piano has followed us every where. We even managed to move it into a second story apartment (had to turn it on end to get it around the stair landing. heh.) I hope eveything works out with the piano. Good post. 🙂

  5. Mom! I never said you DIDN’T get us those cereals. I just know that we didn’t get them all the often. And Aunt Marisa makes sure to this day to have a box of Coco Pebbles in her pantry whenever I come for a visit. hee hee. Anyrate, you gave us *good* breakfasts all the time. I’m going to post about “synonym toast” some other day. I was thinking about it yesterday morning as I made some for Aiden.

    Proud Mum — You eat your Lucky Charms that way too??? YAY!! My roommates used to tease me mercilessly about that. Of course, they would tease me for just about anything. Ches also thinks I’m a little crazy to eat them that way, but oh well. He married me anyway. Aiden, however, likes to eat the marshmallows first, then I have to convince him to eat the rest of the cereal before he gets anymore.

    Julia, I can just imagine the piano on end. Ches has helped with more than his share of piano moving (he claims he won’t ever do it again). One place he helped was for a cousin and to get it out of this basement apartment was just insane. He (and the rest of the guys) were about ready to take a sledgehammer to the darn thing. I was pregnant at the time, so I got to stand there and watch. I sure didn’t envy that move!

  6. hahaha, I eat lucky charms like that too!

    When is your due date?

    WOOHOO!! on the piano! Man, I would LOVE to have a piano in the house!

  7. fruity pebbles are the bomb. cocoa pebbles are just impressive firecrackers. heh. i never really took to lucky charms. but… i have also always believed marshmallows were made of horse hooves, so that might be why i’m anti-leprechaun.

  8. Chocolate lucky charms are so tasty! They are my favorite sugar cereal! My parents never bought them for us to eat for breakfast, but we always opened a present that was a box of sugar cereal for christmas and birthdays… the only time we ever got them… heh

    I have the best brother in the world! He gave me a piano two years ago for a christmas present! They were given a baby grand, so he in turn gave us his old upright… we play it every single day! My girls demand “dancing music” which is hubby playing some of the faster hymns hehe… go dancing music!

  9. oy, sariah, if it makes you feel any better I emailed you and lura about said guy at the same time. And lura totally blew me off when I called her! and now, it’s not just any friend that walked in when I was talking to you, but it was the girl that introduced me to said guy. So…it was important so we could work out those evening plans.

    And you eat cereal funny. 😛

  10. What about Trix…and Fruit Loops [tho I really like the generics best]. Honestly, I given them up…but they tasted good!

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