Happy Birthday, Dallin!

Dallin is ONE YEAR OLD today! I just can’t believe it! Time has gone by so fast. I’m not going to write out his birth story or anything today, but I like how other people have shared photos, so that’s what I’m going to do. Watch Dallin grow.(Note, there IS a big space of time missing. Don’t forget our camera was broken for a long time… twice! We have pictures somewhere, but not that many, and they aren’t easily accessable to me as we don’t have a scanner.)


12 responses to “Happy Birthday, Dallin!

  1. How sweet! Happy Birthday, Dallin!

    And congrats to you for a whole year as the mother of two! (I do not mean that sarcastically at all; I feel busy with just one and overwhealmed when I think of more!)

  2. Whaere did my baby with the darker skin tone go? It is not fair, I say!! [Oops, no pun intended] Even tho he seems to have lost the darker skin tone I lived–thought my Italian genes might come out somewhere!–He is beautiful–uh, I mean handsome [as Richard would have said!]

    Beautiful photo spread–I will have to print them off in the am.

  3. the 6th one down looks like he should be sayin’, “whatchu talkin’ ’bout, mama!”


    happy birthday to the boy.

  4. Happy Birthday to Dallin. Great pictures!

    And congrats to you and Ches. Oh and welcome to the world of two toddlers. It’s an interesting road!

  5. Thanks, everyone. I think I have the most adorable little boys in the world, of course! 🙂

    Mom, he has lightened up a bit, but he’s still darker than aiden. And Dallin doesn’t burn as easily (or maybe I’m just better at getting sunscreen on him? No, he’s too wiggly).

    FF — you make me laugh. That is *totally* what his expression is there, isn’t it?

    Al — Don’t worry about it. Did we even call you for your anniversary? I doubt it. We’re lucky if we call anyone on their birthday!!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAREST DALLIN. (Whom I have never yet had the pleasure of meeting…or, come to think of it, Aiden, either!)

    Allrie – Tell Richard that there is nothing in the slightest unmanly about a man (in this case, Dallin, a boy) that he is beautiful. I tell my husband that all of the time. And he IS!

    (My eldest boy, R., is perpetually tan…he took after his daddy, who is part Native American Iroquis…But our youngest boy, B., is mostly as pale as I am, although a teeny bit tannish (from my mother, I think.)

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, S. & C.! (Ours is coming up directly as well!)

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